By Waltie Ainsworth

TLBD (too long between drinks)…………. The airlines to the Caribbean will have to do a better job in providing on board meals and beverages especially at this time when fuel prices are below two dollars a gallon. Here is a classic case of lack of passenger loyalty to a person who travels every year at this time to GT to celebrate her birthday.

Ingrid is a career medical practitioner and lives and works out in Colorado. Come Christmas she would work all available shifts but when the New Year rolls around she takes off and heads for the sunshine to soak up all the sun and fun year after year after year in January. But this year was different Ingrid fell into the stereotype of not making sufficient and timely arrangement to travel. Normally she uses Caribbean Airlines but after a series of bad experiences including TLBD, she has upgraded to flight Jamaica and enjoys the nonstop drinks for nine hours. 

Four years ago Ingrid and her live in boyfriend did the CA trip it was horrible. Apparently a local passenger who had gotten a trip as worker of the year with the company had a isle seat in coach every now and then other passengers would saunter to the back to use the rest room. As a smoker the passenger thought that the others were going out to smoke and she followed suit only to be nabbed by security for fiddling with door. In her own defence the passenger claimed TLBD.

The next year Ingrid traveled first class and was served oil down with bread fruit. She tossed the platter spilling vegetables and plantains shouting that bread fruit was slave food and demanded choice cuts of meat with rice. Her request was granted but the drinks came slow and late enhancing her cry TLBD………..TLBD.

But last year was a totally different story Ingrid upgraded to flight Jamaica and for nine hours she got her choice of drinks meals two suit cases and some other perks all for one low fare she even got complimentary bottles of rum and wine to give as gifts to friends and family thus eliminating the psychological condition of TLBD.


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