Solar Farm

A quartet of Guyanese touchaus have successfully completed 48 hours of intensive negotiations with Bay street financiers in Canada to change the financial architecture of the regions and indigenous communities.  The beg and borrow from your neighbour syndrome instituted and ingrained by the previous PPP administration is now in the rear view mirror.  The new emphasis is being placed on infrastructural development and regional expansion and extension services. One facet of the development strategy will be on solar farms in the regions to supply large quantities of inexpensive electricity.

Bay Street in Toronto Canada is the financial district which is the equivalent to Wall Street in the United States of America. 

Some 85 percent of Guyanese with higher education migrate annually and the cumulative effect is that significant numbers of them end up on Bay Street in Canada. More noteworthy is that these investors and entrepreneurs have been able to convince their principals and superiors to come and invest in Guyana.

Over the just concluded Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, The quartet which included Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan , Infrastructure Minister David Patterson and Business Development Minister Dominic Gaskin held intensive and extensive talks with solar investors.

Wakenaam in Region two will be the first to benefit early in 2016. During the New Year too, solar farms will be established in the new towns of Bartica, Mahdia, Lethem and Moruca.

Almost simultaneously airstrips in these communities will be upgraded to accommodate international flights. New roads will also be constructed linking Parika with Goshen/Bartica, Ogle with Timehri and Mahdia with Rockstone.

Shipping lanes and ports in Coverinton and New Amsterdam, Parika and Supernaam initally will be upgraded to accommodate Cruise lines.


Guyana ministerial team meets with Canadian investorsGuyana team in Toronto

From left John Baird from Bennett Jones Law Firm, Minister Dominic Gaskin, Minister David Patterson, Abraham Drost President and CEO of Carlisle Goldfields, Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan, Andrew Ramcharran Executive Vice President of Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. and Abbas Khan of Bennett Jones Law Firm. 


With this new relationship with Bay Street, Guyanese investors are being encouraged to provide secondary services like buses, malls, housing, town halls, markets, banks et al while the big guns will concentrate on the infrastructure

Meanwhile, Security Vice president, Ramjattan assured his captive investors that the Government is in receipt of five million Euros to place close circuit television on every street in Georgetown. There will be 32 monitors at a central location manned by non police officers. In addition, new vehicles, communication equipment and other needed hardware and training is being provided by Scotland Yard all in a gallant effort to secure the investments of entrepreneurs and people.

Business Forum meeting

Business Forum meeting

AFC Leadership Gala - Toronto

AFC Leadership Gala – Toronto

Ministerial Advisors with Min. Khemraj Ramjattan

+Ministerial Advisors with Min. Khemraj Ramjattan



BARON & RIKKI JAI  – SWEET SOCA MAN in Winnipeg May 2008


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