By Waltie Ainsworth

President David Granger and his wife Sandra Granger

President David Granger and his wife Sandra Granger at the Toronto event

Over the September 12th weekend, consensus building artisan and Guyana President, David Granger, illustrated and demonstrated to Toronto based Guyanese and Businessmen that the investment climate is ripe.  He said that Guyanese especially do not have to live there permanently to benefit from investment opportunities they can traverse and use secure technology to manage their investments.

The President also pitched and noted that the justice system had decayed and was very complex to upgrade.  And even though the administration had a handle on crime, there were other platforms that needed just as much action and training – notably cyber security and the judiciary.   (View FaceBook:  Bobby Ramlagan’s photos of the event)

Ms Amna Ally, Social Cohesion Minister, echoed the thoughts of Mr. Granger and said that the ABC countries were offering training and exposure to the judiciary to deal with some of the outstanding corruption, money laundering and drug enforcement cases affecting more than 400 visible players within the opposition PPP administration.

And while in Canada, there were some careless whispers about immediate Past President, Mr. Donald Ramotar going to work with the notorious Ed Ahmad hardware outfit in Ruimveldt.  Reports suggest that Ed Ahmad, a convicted real estate mogul in New York, was given special concessions by the PPP to acquire land, hardware and other fiscal benefits without paying the appropriate duties and taxes.    The Asset Recovery team is currently hot on their trail and is looking to see if any laws have been broken.

On the other hand, the Asset Recovery team is still looking at the assets of former President Jagdeo and even though there seems to be a lapse in the investigations, it is because the PPP secretly withheld judicial operatives from attending international forums where best law and practices were conducted.

Meanwhile, PM Moses Nagamootoo, who is responsible for chairing a symposium for national unity, is getting the push back from Mr Jagdeo, as Jagdeo has been both obstinate and non cooperative and seems to be sowing seeds of further discord. (Click here for newsourcegy report)



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