Friday September 11th all of Litchfield in the Tempie /Seafield village district sill come out in mournful pride to lay down gracefully an authentic and charismatic villager, Alwyn Prince Nicholson.

Alwyn is a remigrant who returned home with his family recently.  He had a pre-existing medical condition, and at the dawn of September returned to us for medical attention. Reports suggest that the very next morning on the 2nd of September, Alwyn did not rise and was pronounced dead by medical technicians.

Alwyn was a personal friend and very influential shopkeeper, rice farmer and citizen in Litchfield. My first contact with him was in the mid sixties when there was wholesale rioting in Guyana propagated by the PPP.  My parents sent me to West Berbice for safety and Alwyn introduced me to cutting rice with grass knife and ploughing the rice fields with oxen.  I also learnt to throw a cast net under his wise tutelage. 

And when relief foods were made available to the community under the auspices of the United States, Alwyn’s premises served as a bond and distribution center.  He also had a juke box……EBONY STAR, and I learnt several moves hanging out with other folks like Cabbage, Aniss Whyte, Da Da and Meagre man……all lost but not forgotten friends.

Uncle Harry Saul is also from Litchfield, he died early in August out in Palm Bay Florida. Harry was 82 and was retired from the Prison Service in Newark New Jersey.

Over the last five years, I visited his estate and orchard in Palm Bay where he had clusters of fig trees, pine apple, guavas, genip, sour sop, sugar cane and almost every other tropical fruit.

While he lived in Newark, we had glorious times hanging out at a Caribbean Social Club on South Orange Avenue, Vailsburg section of Newark.  Harry is my mother’s uncle but he was younger than her. He was also the last brother of 34 registered offspring in the Saul clan.  He is survived by two biological sisters….. Aunt Onee from Kwakwani, who now resides in Montreal and Aunt Nita from Plaisance, who now resides in Palm Bay across the street from Harry.

A fortnight ago the body of Mr. Leroy Sancho (68), was laid to rest in Brooklyn.

Leroy was my childhood Mentor.  My father was the Principal of the Golden Grove primary school we attended and my Aunt Constance tutored the class he attended.  And so there was this convenient relationship and affinity even though Leroy was five years older than me.

At social gatherings, he would always embrace me and provide sustained companionship. Leroy was always cognizant of my vision loss.

Leroy was an accomplished domino player and when engaged would give live commentary and coverage so that even me can follow and recognize and mock the losers, real and perceived.

Mr. Sancho was among the first graduates from the Guyana School of Agriculture, Mon Repos Campus in the sixties. When he migrated he worked in a bank and later with a transit outfit in New York before his demise on August 5, 2015.

I am eternally grateful to our association over the years.  The same sentiments apply to Alwyn and Uncle Harry.




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