Berbice River Bridge

Over the weekend, former members of the Rosignol Fishermen’s Cooperative took the initiative to retrofit their boats converting them to water taxis ferrying school children especially, at super lower rates much to the delight of the Granger Administration.  Reports from the region suggest that Former President Jagdeo and the Berbice River Bridge Authority were playing hardball and forcing the administration to increase fares rather than reduce same.  Some businessmen, farmers, car and mini bus operators will get further relief with the reintroduction of the Torani and Makouria passenger vessels that will ferry vehicles across the river.

Race has been injected into the Berbice Bridge tolls fiasco as opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo is fanning the flames of functional non cooperation. Some farmers cannot handle the narrow mindedness of Jagdeo and are fasting to death………a Hindu practise called santara.

Tuesday September 1, was the date identified by the new APNU/AFC Government to incrementally reduce tolls across the Berbice River Bridge but up to the time of writing, the privately owned Bridge Authority, has upped its game and wants a fifty- five percent increase moving the tolls from US11 dollars to US17 dollars.  The government wanted to reduce the fare for small and light vehicles to  approximately US$9.50 and promised to subsidize the shortfall to the agency.

Scores of taxi and mini bus operators are linking arms with farmers and sugar workers to block the bridges at both ends if the authority does not reduce its fares shortly.  Reports out of East Berbice also suggest that some farmers have gone on santara……an extreme form of fasting until death.  Others are calling on the government to nationalize the bridge and others still want to discontinue the bridge and bring back the ferry,

President Granger is scheduled to be in Canada the weekend of September 12 and yet others want him to go on television and tell the nation about the 400 irregularities they have discovered under the aegis of the asset recovery program. Berbice residents especially feel that Mr. Granger has to learn to be cruel to be kind or else his days in office will be brief and rocky.

Every day an issue of privacy, secrecy, industry and or identity arises. Some of the issues mentioned have not yet been taken to a court of law and are being looked at by the respective investigative arms.  President Ramotar’s pension seems to be challenged but yet still a’ coteur’ produced active documents of him writing exorbitant checks in this season of austerity and flagging produce and production. No wonder citizens who practice Hinduism are turning to santara as a legitimate form of suicide as an escape exit propagated by the PPP Opposition Party.

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Meanwhile the asset recovery team is investigating a personal cheque written by Former President Donald Ramotar to former Housing Minister Irfan Ally to the tune of fourteen million Guyana dollars. On the other hand opposition leader former President Jagdeo is calling on his former cabinet members to declare their assets and financial viability both locally and overseas in a brazen and ambitious effort to show transparency of his former executives.

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