CLEMENT ROHEE LABELLED HYPOCRITICAL……..11 phone lines attached to mac-mansion

CLEMENT ROHEE LABELLED HYPOCRITICAL……..11 phone lines attached to mac-mansion

Clement Rohee would trumpet that King Kong has nothing on him. False! The asset recovery program headed by Dr. Clive Thomas, have recently discovered that Rohee had 11 telephone lines in active use at his official residence and four mobile devices in addition to a laptop, desk top and Blackberry. The average bill to Telecoms monthly was a million Guyana dollars for his irrational exuberance.

Negotiations are in full swing for Mr. Rohee to repay the national treasury. The telephone bills are retroactive to December 2011. His monthly telephone bills are in excess of his monthly income and the investigative arm of the coalition Government is also looking at the relatives and close friends of Mr Rohee who were offered employment and special emoluments and privileges such as cars, diplomatic passports and duty free licenses and other perks. 

Meanwhile Guyanese self-proclaimed richest black woman and former acting president, Ms. Jennifer Westford has been recalled by the police crime division for more intrusive interviews. Ms. Westford a month ago was fingered and indicted for fraudulently converting state vehicles to her, friends and family. One of the recipients, it is alleged, was her-live in boyfriend resident and Colonel in the Guyana Defence Force. The Asset recovery Team is probing into having him court martialed for receiving stolen property. There is also a more serious issue she has to explain – her receiving  over 120 million Guyana dollars for projects that were never done by her ministry. (see article)

President Granger will be in Toronto shortly with a team of advisors to take a close look at incentivizing Guyanese who have done business and want to invest in Guyana.

Budget Day in Guyana is August 10, and some of the information leaked indicates that Public Servants including ministers will all get an 8 percent raise of pay retroactive to January. Senior citizens and National Insurance (NIS) pensioners are scheduled to get a 25 per cent increase. And tolls on the Berbice River Bridge will be reduced significantly. Essequibo rice farmers need not worry as the Government will convert their rice into a 70-30 mix for local consumption.

Meanwhile, work has begun in earnest to repair and restore to its former glory the President’s College at Golden Grove and it is expected that in the budget speech, Finance minister, Winston Jordan will announce the privatization of the Bhariott Hotel. Word on the street is that the new management team will be headed by bionic musician and Plaisance native, Eddy Grant. He will purchase the Bhariott for a symbolic amount with the understanding that he will have to complete its construction in time for the Independence celebrations in May 2016.

Finally, the asset recovery team will take a more intrusive look at Pradoville II which has residents such as Jagdeo, Rohee, the director of public prosecutions and Ms. Jennifer Westford among others. Click here for Kaieteur news article on Prodoville II.



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