Caribana in the air – By Waltie Ainsworth

Caribana in the air

By Waltie Ainsworth

Caribana in Toronto does get the greatest and biggest fete of them all summer time. West Indians especially Guyanese does abort their homes, families, children jobs and even their commonsense just to make an appearance to give the appearance of success.

Take for instance BT…….a young East Indian lad from Washclothes Mahaicony, and former student of Mahaicony Government secondary. BT in school was attracted to black girls and after he got his first job in Mackenzie with the bauxite company, he ended up marrying a light-skinnied Boviander girl.

She migrated to New York in the early nineties and was able to get a job at the Teterboro airport as an aviation Mechanic. Carla enjoyed the job but fortunately or unfortunately she became extremely popular on the job and became a team leader and later a pilot. 

And so last year, around this time for the second time, she mobilised the Guyanese female employees on the job………about five East Indian girls who were all cleaners and handymen, to go to Caribana.

She leased a corporate jet and got her work buddies and her spouse BT to tag along.

The girls even asked Carla to bring along the male friends of her husband who was of East Indian descent. In Indian culture the women would prepare all the food and niceties but little did they know that he was black in his socialisation and orientation.

BT followed the instructions of his wife Carla, and brought five of his best buddies to the excursion-like party to Toronto that Saturday morning. The girls had all the food in the world wrapped in foil in preparation for an Indian Bhagwat style voyage.

They were pleasantly surprised when the Black brothers showed up. If they had known, they would not sacrifice and cook. Black people prefer to eat on the fly and the perceived girls, also would like the pampering and excitement along the way, airborne to Caribana.

Anyhow, for once blacks and Indians integrated quickly in the air. They came together for a common goal, they paired off and got handsy pansy very quickly.

Carla was at the controls and BT who had a learner’s license, sat next to her up front.

The three hour flight to Toronto almost became raucous. One of the girls got up to use the bathroom and Booker, who sat right next to her kept his hand on the seat as she attempted to sit and felt something strange between and behind her legs. The young lady who used the name Stacy baulked at him touching her bottom only to realise that he was not sure but suspected that he, the she, was a man. Anyhow, Stacey went into damage control and once they got into Toronto, the little fiasco blew over.

Fast forward……they all rented one suite. BT and Carla got a private room and the rest of them bunked on the floor. The long and short is that over time each man quietly discovered that his partner was not who or what they suspected or declared they were. They were all young men too who were having problems integrating and finding jobs and so they transgendered as a survival strategy.

Not even Carla had known that her female workmates were males who has transgendered but had masculine genitals. These men did this to get jobs in a working environment that preferred to give jobs to females rather than males

The men each kept their discovery a secret and when they came back to Teterboro they huddled and confided that it does not matter who you go to bed with but what you go to bed as. They may have been boys by gender but they all did a fine job as women in the air to Caribana and on the dance floor they surpassed all expectations.

Look to you left and look to your right tell me if you can determine who he or she is.


Mighty Shadow – The garden want water


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