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Caribana in the air – By Waltie Ainsworth

Caribana in the air

By Waltie Ainsworth

Caribana in Toronto does get the greatest and biggest fete of them all summer time. West Indians especially Guyanese does abort their homes, families, children jobs and even their commonsense just to make an appearance to give the appearance of success.

Take for instance BT…….a young East Indian lad from Washclothes Mahaicony, and former student of Mahaicony Government secondary. BT in school was attracted to black girls and after he got his first job in Mackenzie with the bauxite company, he ended up marrying a light-skinnied Boviander girl.

She migrated to New York in the early nineties and was able to get a job at the Teterboro airport as an aviation Mechanic. Carla enjoyed the job but fortunately or unfortunately she became extremely popular on the job and became a team leader and later a pilot.  Continue reading