By Waltie Ainsworth

Late last week notorious EZJET owner, Sonny Ramdeo, was jailed for 20 years in Miami for defrauding his employers more than 21 million US dollars. Official court reports suggest that Mr. Ramdeo wanted to rival Sir Richard Branson as an airline tycoon by plying international routes ferrying passengers at low and fares and substantial baggage. (Click here for detailed story in Kaieteur News)

Mr. Ramdeo is reported to be a personal friend and confidant of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who at the moment has personal legal problems of his own. 

Mr. Jagdeo has been fingered recently for kussering……..using delaying tactics to avoid incarceration. A prominent member of the PPP Central Executive when asked to explain the corrupt and fraudulent activities of PPP members declared it is part of the DNA of goats to graze where it is tied. In other words if you work at Fogartys you cannot steal from Courts.

That seems to explain allegations that it is only the Seventh Day Adventist organization and the Boy Scouts movement that will avoid the interventions of the Recovery czar, Dr Clive Thomas.
During the week, the local police detained 8 criminals and shot one dead at Craig on the East Bank. (Click here for full story on the arrest of the 8 suspects)

Currently The Vice President and Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan is crafting new laws to bulldoze and destroy buildings and assets owned and procured by drug dealers and criminals in mining communities. Originally, authority was given to bulldoze and dismantle huts and shops in hinterland communities that housed gangsters, prostitutes and pirates. This program seems to be working and may very well be introduced on the coastland in full cooperation with the DEA.

Word on the street is that President Granger, for the fifth consecutive week, will be out of the country. He is just back from addressing the MERCOSUR Brazil on the Guyana-Venezuela border issue.

Next weekend he is invited to attend mass in Kabakburi, an ethnic enclave in the Essequibo delta that is being claimed by Venezuela. Essequibo nationals, as was reported in another section of the media, will be offered new Venezuelan identification cards by an organization in Venezuela that supports the Madura decrees. Mr. Granger may have to have a visa. At the same time PM Nagamootoo is most delighted to continue acting as the weekend’s stand in president…… (See story: Venezuela planning to offer E’bo residents ID cards).

LORD ZANDOLEE – Venezuela Law



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