Wives of Caribbean leaders urged to address Teenage Pregnancy in the Region


By Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth

Last week when the Caribbean heads of Government…..all men … were meeting in Barbados for the annual 36th planning meeting, the wives were out in Belize strategizing and planning petticoat details to tweak and curb teenage pregnancy in the region.

A disturbing statistic was revealed that 70 per cent of women under 19 have a child or two. To aggravate this situation the traditional support system is no longer there. Parents and grandparents are oft times absent and the spouse is missing, unemployed, in jail or visible in the drug trade. As a result the health and socioeconomic conditions of the children is often affected.

The meeting sponsors were very hopeful that the wives of the respective regional countries would be able to put bedroom pressure on their husbands to tweak and craft programs that will minimize sexual intercourse and attendant issues in their respective national family planning programs. Guyana was commended for taking the brave and ambitious move to reintroduce nite caps immediately. All nite clubs, pubs, bars, pool halls and places of entertainment must be closed by 2.00 am.

Guyana’s delegation was led by Ms. Sandra Granger. The meeting was underwritten jointly by Caricom and the United Nations.

In Guyana every 10th building is a speakeasy … Place of entertainment.

Several exclusive clubs have already announced that their existence is being threatened and are laying off staff. It is only the outfits that sell alcohol below five dollars that are welcoming the nite caps.
And the former Attorney General in Guyana, Mr. Anil Nandlall, is claiming that the Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan has overstepped his authority by introducing the nite caps. Anil perhaps has investments in the entertainment industry and is looking at the bottom line instead of the national interest.

On the street the word is after 12 is lunch as men in the region prefer to have sex with underage women. They are less costly to maintain.

Meanwhile Elisabeth Harper, who ran on the PPP ticket to become Prime Minister, has withdrawn her support to the PPP. She will not attend parliament and Donald Ramotar, the immediate past President, will opt out as well. Now that Bharrat Jagdeo will take over as opposition leader, Donald is now a sorry footnote in Guyanese history.

The Central Executive met last week and of the 35 members only 9 votes went to Ramotar.
Click here for article written by Ralph Ramkarran – “The PPP has lost its way”.

Meanwhile word on the street suggests that the robbery and shooting to death of Regent Street Businessman at his West Coast Home may have been a politically motivated rub out. Apparently, the businessman has changed his allegiance and as a major donor to the PPP, they felt he was ungrateful and gave him the full treatment.

Kurt Allen – Black Stalin Say

Ella Andall – Black Woman

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