Watchman – Leader of the opposition


By Waltie Ainsworth

The Young Beautiful Bold and Boviander (YBBB) magistrate Carolyn Artega has self-appointed and self-acclaimed opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo kussering. Jast week, instead of appearing in court he sent her a medical loose leaf saying he had back problems. Jagdeo, in a deliberate ploy to avoid imminent jail had become creative in using all kinds of techniques and schemes to avoid going to court at Whim in Corentyne.

Jagdeo feels that by remaking and rebranding himself as opposition leader he can avoid being sentenced for race baiting and creating chaos in the new and upwardly mobile Guyana. Let the records show that he must appear in court in pyjamas or on a stretcher.

Forty days and forty nights into the new David Granger-Moses Nagamootoo administration they have been unable to craft a program to recoup and recover approximately one trillion US dollars which the PPP has squandered and siphoned overseas. Forty eight hours ago, with the help of the DEA they were able to intercept US$12 M cocaine shipped in shrimps to the USA. The ABC countries and Regional Investigative bodies have pledged their investigative assets and resources to help recover and recoup stolen money invested overseas.

High on the agenda for forensic investigation is GUYOIL, GUYSUCO, GUYANA TIMBERS, GPC, NICIL, GPL and other government entities. For instance, GUYOIL, it is said, had become the supermarket for free fuel and cash advances for government leaders, their friends and families. GUYSUCO is unable to show where the millions of Euros advances for improving production. Guyana Timbers has been under reporting the number and value of logs exported by Asian companies. GPC, owned by Bobby Ramroop – Jagdeo’s personal friend – has been the sole supplier of over US$¬¬200 drugs bought by Government at exorbitant mark-ups.

Over the last 48 hours Home Affairs Minister Khemraj Ramjattan issued a fatwa reviewing and recalling all gun and ammunition licenses issued under the aegis of the PPP. It is alleged that car dealerships gave complimentary guns as incentives to new car owners of upscale model cars and in the Public Service industry the embroiled minister Ms Jennifer Flowers reluctantly returned a handful of cars she had corralled and coveted for herself, boyfriend and friends. Meanwhile, word on the street is that former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee may be drafted by the new administration as the new “Instant Intimidation Officer”. To date, the corps of new appointees all seem squeaky clean and committed and maybe there may be a felt need for some thuggery to rein in some of the stolen and missing assets of Guyana.

Herein lays the strengths and usefulness of Mr, Clement Rohee. Rohee believes wholeheartedly that the new administration is on a witch hunt and bitch hunt. A man like Rohee, under psycho-illogical illusion, has the skill set and tools to recover and recoup the vehicles, money, buildings, land, minerals, and other assets valued at over one trillion US dollars.

Dave Martins Trade Winds – Guyana Coming Back

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