By Waltie Ainsworth

There was a certain reverence and grace in which Ms Ingrid Austin conducted herself ever since we were youthful. She upkept her family tradition of philanthropy and Christianity…..in that order and now that she has expired, I shed a tear.

Ingrid left Guyana….Victoria to be precise in the days when neighbors used to keep vigil and farewell parties. The entire family left around 1962 but they never stopped looking back irrespective of their accomplishments and professional status.

Ingrid pursued a career in banking and finance and worked for several years in management and supervisory positions on Wall Street. The last decade was not so great. She fell ill and on her own volition retired from professional work but actively engaged with her church and needy communities.
Here is a complete assessment of her life and times as provided by her family. 


Friends of Victoria Village Diaspora remember and celebrate the life of
Marguerite Ingrid Williams (neé Luke/Austin)

Marguerite Williams (neé Austin),known affectionately to her family by her middle name Ingrid, was born on November 18, 1946 in Nabaclis Guyana. She was the first child born to Marie and Edgar Austin, and their family was soon blessed with three more children. Marguerite was a bright happy healthy child, full of curiosity and inner wisdom. Her grandfather was a very devout Christian, and a part-time itinerant preacher. Marguerite loved to sit on her grandfather’s knee while he read the bible. Realizing that their daughter was gifted, her parents had her sit for the entrance exams for the Prestigious Bishops’ High school. She passed on her first try and entered Bishops’ the next semester. She would always remember these school days as some of the happiest of her life. She truly enjoyed the study, the discipline and the life of the mind that she discovered there as well as the sport and camaraderie of prep school life.

In 1962, Ingrid immigrated to America with her family and completed high school in New York. She would then go on to earn her BA in Economics at Brooklyn College, and an MBA in Accounting at Baruch. Along the way she met and married Marcus Williams. Although the marriage ended in divorce, it produced a daughter Angela. Marguerite worked for thirty-five years in the financial district as a CPA and auditor for Bankers Trust, and then Chase Bank. At Chase, she was promoted to assistant auditor (a management position).

She had a great compassion for others, and was a faithful, decade’s long supporter of many overseas missions for the poor. She also gave generously to the Glaucoma Foundation, and was a loving , devoted friend of the Church, and of those in need.

Marguerite had a great passion for architecture, art, African dance and the Blues. She loved nothing more than to spend a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, devoured Caribbean literature, and history of all kinds. But most of all she loved to read her Bible. Having read the Bible cover to cover for the first time at the age of fourteen, she read the Word every day with eagerness. She was a woman with an iron will, with a love of art and beauty, who loved to read and lived surrounded by books, Marguerite got pleasure from the best in life and gave to others generously and quietly.

On the 9th of June 2015,she lost a four and a half year battle with breast cancer which she fought with superhuman courage. We are all diminished by her absence, but edified by her example of faith, inner strength, humility, generosity and wisdom.
Marguerite Williams is survived by her mother, daughter and son in law, sister and brothers, nephews and niece and many dear cousins.

Give me my scallop shell of quiet,
My staff of faith to walk upon,
My scrip of joy, immortal diet,
My bottle of salvation,
My gown of glory, hope’s true gage,
And thus I’ll take my pilgrimage.

Taken from The Passionate Man’s Pilgrimage, by SIR WALTERRALEGH
found on Ingrid’s bulletin board at the time of her death
[Supposed to be written by one at the point of death]

Service – Wednesday June 17, 2015
11.00 a.m.
Christ Church United Methodist
524 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065
(Between 60 – 61 Streets)



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  1. Posted by Joel on June 19, 2015 at 7:32 am

    Very good article Walty.


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