Kid Brother…..James Murray passes on – By Waltie Ainsworth

Kid Brother…..James Murray passes on

By Waltie Ainsworth

Those close to him in his heyday had to be cautious and polite in calling him Norton in reference to the English motorcycle rider. All others succumbed to calling him kid brother because of his forever childish pranks. His mantra and philosophy was that boys drove cars and men rode motorcycles. Kid brother did nothing else of import other than riding fast bikes.

Victoria’s per-eminent cultural cartoon and speedster…. James Murray...better known as Kid Brother, has passed on. He was merely 68 but had more salt than most others had rice. 

James survived at least a dozen motor cycle crashes, two strokes and two heart attacks in his deliberate and self centered journey to notoriety. One of the things that stands out foremost in my mind is that as young men, he bought a brand new Kawasaki motor cycle cash from Auto Supplies when most grown and working men could have ill afforded a used bicycle.

His source of income was from the proceeds of breadfruits he sold from the yard of his parents. And if he took possession of the bike on a Thursday, he was advised to bring it back after the first 1000 miles for servicing. He was back at Auto Supplies the very next day before opening hours.

Friday nites used to be dramatic with us as young men. When we assembled at the four corners on a Friday nite pondering our next move, Kid Brother will fill in the blanks by making several trips to Brown Betty in Georgetown….some 18 miles away and purchase ice cream cones and bring it back without losing any to the environment.

There is another story that stands out against the great many. His favorite haunt joint was Central Mahaicony and apparently he had a brief romantic encounter with a young lady that reproduced a child. She did not know his name or his address. He was none the wiser and so an afternoon as boys we were hanging out at the four-corner and there she was in a TATA bus and spotted him and hailed out to him telling him about the birth of the child.

Kid was elated and hopped on the bike and trailed the bus….stood upright alongside the bus and beckoned her to pass the baby to him. She did…. He kissed the baby in acknowledgement and in the same precarious action and position, handed the baby back to the unknown mom.

Little Sports ….Babo, when he heard of his passing called to remind of the high speed chases we had on the East Coast highway. Kid Brother was the fastest operator on the East Coast/ Berbice road he was faster than Lall…(H1717) As long as kid made Mahaica bridge from Rosignol in 30 minutes, Victoria with all the turns, was 10 minutes away and Georgetown another 15 minutes……if so long.

Kid will be buried on Wednesday 10th at Victoria and his siblings are already in the country to give him a big brother send off in lieu of the good times and anxious moments he subscribed to humanity in his era and time. Be well my friend. We shall meet in the more times.

William Mc Dowell – Withholding nothing

Donnie Mc Clurkin / Marvin Sapp – Sing-off in Cape Town South Africa.

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