Cro Cro- Kam-lie



By Waltie Ainsworth

Come July in another six weeks or so the Guyanese citizenry want their great leader Mr. David Granger to be in tip-top shape and to be always ready to deliver on all promises and projects and to wave off the five thousand odd squatters from GuySuCo lands off the East Coast and West Coast Demerara. By the time the first 100 days are over Bartica will be a town and it will be less than one thousand dollars for cars to cross the Berbice Bridge.

September will be reinstated as Agriculture month and Anna Regina will be host to the first Agriculture month exhibition and ethnic festival. The zoo will be realigned to civility and the kissing bridge reinstalled. And Jagdeo will have his name written in lights at the Georgetown prisons where he will be a client of malintent. 

Guyanese cooking with gas is a metaphor for the nation evolving and pressing the reset button for pride, dignity, values and self sufficiency. Over are the days of rampant corruption, bribery, deceit, deception, stinginess and discrimination. And now, two weeks into the ever vigilant and present Granger/Nagamootoo administration there is purpose and hope.

MR GRANGER since he took office a fortnight ago has been working 16 hour days, he ought to be reminded that he was elected for his judgment and not his stamina. We already know how efficient and organized he is but we want him to be a moderate and modest leader who can still find time to look at the birds and bees as distinct from wanting to convert night into days……making it into a total of eight days a week.

There is a story I want to repeat. Last April a diehard patriot sent her son to her mom in Mahaicony for Easter vacation. When the ten year old came back his mom was curious to find out if he had a good holiday. The boy was jubilant to point out that it was the best vacation he ever had and was delighted to see his granny barbecue everyday in the backyard. Poor thing did not know that his granny was struggling to put the meals together on a coal-pot/fireside. He thought it was cool to have a barbecue meal each day.

And so now in Guyana the metrics for success and prosperity is not the ten bedroom houses, or Prado cars or swimming pools. It is the trust, mutuality and willingness to share common values and virtues. It is about deliverance of goodwill and tolerance irrespective of race, ethnicity, age, sexual preference religion et al.

Sugar Aloes – Signs of the end of times

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