PLATE CLOTH WIPE JAGDEO MOUTH – By Waltie Ainsworth – ( updated with Final Results)



By Waltie Ainsworth

Now is the time for former President Jagdeo to open his mouth and give the order for all the Jaguars and Jagabats to vacate but for some unknown reason , like he mouth wipe with plate cloth. He talks when he is not supposed to and now that there are reasons, he ducking.

President Jagdeo is of the firm belief that the Presidency comes with a life time warranty. Ironically it does. And now that there is no one else competent to hold the aging party together, the PPP has died a natural death and is time for Jagdeo and Ramotar and Rohee and their respective children to just go and life will be better for all.

Perhaps we should talk about the one hundred million Guyana dollars deposited in the account of Dr Steve Surijbally. From all reports, he has challenged the bank and asked that they return the funds to sender. Mr. Lowenfield on the other hand, who had a similar deposit, has already underwritten some expenses that he had from the comfort of his laptop. Almost simultaneously, Mr. Lowenfield has been giggling and willing to manipulate the SOPs with the express hope of getting some more money over time.

A number of Central Executive members of the PPP have already cleared their offices, handed over their vehicles, sent home staff and renewed their passports, hoping to find a way out ASAP. But Jagdeo, is holding on for dear life. He wants a total recount of all the ten regions and the regional executives at this time are extremely reluctant to oblige Jagdeo. Even the ABC countries and CARICOM are calling for Jagdeo to give it up but he hard ears. Saturday 16th at noon, is all the time Jagdeo has to leave. On Friday at 3.00pm Mr. Granger had planned to execute the swearing in process but Jagdeo, it is alleged has given instructions to the Chancellor, Mr. Carl Singh to offer functional non- cooperation. Do not be surprised if the military steps in and manhandles Jagdeo as a taste of his own medicine. This time for sure he would literally have to wipe his mouth with plate cloth.

VIDEO CLIP : Granger set to Be sworn in as Guyana’s 8th executive President

Things are looking bad domestically but we must all be reminded that over the years Jagdeo has a habit of optimising the figures in a number of money laundering schemes.

At this juncture we must all continue to watch and pray so that Mr. Granger can have the wisdom, strength and fortitude to lead Guyana to a platform where there is great pride and confidence in all that he does. ASOMELYKAM.



UPDATE – Final Results of 2015 Elections

Demerara Waves- Guyana’s source for Breaking News
1.30 PM – Saturday 16 May 2015
Final results of the 2015 General Elections were declared by the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield today. The APNU+AFC have 33 seats and the PPPC has 32 seats in the National Assembly.
Mr David Granger’ is expected to be sworn in as the next President of Guyana on the balcony of Parliament Building.

Final Results 2015

Click Image to Enlarge

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