Family Teach – Party Time


Initial reports out of Linden at 9:00 pm; suggest that APNU/AFC made a clean sweep. The PPP did not record any votes at that time. And in Region four, there 189 votes cast and 171 went to the PNU/AFC. These are all preliminary reports from unofficial sources.

The polls closed at six o’clock as scheduled nationwide and immediately after, there were prolonged power outages and all telecommunication and news services went down.

Monday May 11th will go down in history in two different narratives. One it was the most unproductive day for Guyanese in the Diaspora as they fielded calls and text messages tracking the voting at the national elections.

 Joe Harmon giving an election wrap up for APNU+AFC

The second thing is that Guyanese transformed themselves into paparazzi and vigilantes recording and profiling every perception of wrong doing in a deliberate effort to ensure that the election process was free and fair and free from fear. There were still a few hiccups including an underage person voting in West Demerara. Kwame McKoy was fingered for paying thugs upwards of six thousand dollars to pilfer ballot boxes. A fine cut ass was averted by Mr. Granger at St Sidwell’s polling station in Lodge against Kwame after h tried to interfere with the process.

And 30 minutes before the polls closed, police swept down on a private home in Sophia that was being used as a polling station. Something funny was reported but no arrests were made.

And on the Corentyne, voter turnout was relatively low and slow. The supporters of the PPP withheld their votes because they felt betrayed by Jagdeo. APNU and AFC from all reports seems to have hogged most of the votes as expected and are now awaiting the tabulation. Results Tests are expected to be streamed by noon on Tuesday……Indian Departure day in Guyana.

Meanwhile commercial activity in urban areas has been curtailed, especially in Georgetown. The PPP has been threatening violence if they lose. This threat seems real and President Carter left Guyana prematurely on Sunday because he was unable to get a verbal commitment from President Jagdeo that he would vacate office peacefully.

Sugar Aloes – Jubilation Time

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