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Jeggae: Junior and Senior

By Waltie Ainsworth

Happy Mother’s Day mothers and potential mothers. Guyanese, be reminded to get up and vote the morning after the nite before.
It is an awkward truth that in this era and time some men do better than their female counterparts in giving and sharing love and are becoming stronger and wiser Leroy has a family of his own and has since doubled up as mother to his mother and estranged father. Here is a picture of Jeggae Senior and Jeggae Junior at his mother’s funeral six weeks ago. 

Ideally, this item should be about a mother who has served and would have given of herself and rise above her circumstances. But I must give tribute to my beloved friend Jeggae Junior for being the care giver of his mom, Cousin Lynette Hoppie, now deceased. And if you think it was hard for him then, listen to the rest of the story. His dad, Jeggae senior, who has been living in Antigua for the last two decades, thru share coincidence arrived in the United States to take up official residence the same week Lynette died, is now living with Leroy.

Leroy has installed his dad who has a pre existing medical condition that is beyond medical science. Leroy again has become the principal care giver to his dad with the help of his wife.

Jeggae senior, has his wife with him but as faith would have it her older brother, died in London a month ago and she had to skip out of the country. Leroy, has not sulked or baulked about his continuing and ongoing role as mother and care giver to his dad as well in the interim, still maintains his full time job with the City and plays his music day in and day out.

A few mornings ago, Leroy made a major donation to the Folks in Guyana; he sent a series of drums and snares which will be used by the folks in Ann’s Grove and Victoria, his home village, during masquerade time.

Please be reminded that Leroy used to be a pan man in his formative years during independence celebrations. His first outing was independence celebrations, May 26 and the song was Reggae Express atop Tunka donkey cart.

In this era Jeggae is blessed and continues to be a blessing to both his parents and his own children and extended family.

Tony Ricardo live – stand by me medley – GBTV cultureshare archives

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