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By Waltie Ainsworth

Click link: Joey Jagan endorses APNU-AFC to read the Joey Jagan article:
Joey Jagan endorses APNU+AFC; says Jagdeo is the ‘coolie bully of politics’; welcomes ex-military in politics

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo has issued a fatwah claiming there will be no debates between and among the candidates for elections. He claims that he cannot multitask: suck cane and whistle. His focus seems to be reclaiming support for his party which from all accounts is fraying at the seams. “boat gone a falls can’t turn back.”

GAWU, the sugar workers union in Guyana, last Friday heckled President Donald Ramotar and called him names that imply that the party is over. Big business men like Ramkarran, Yesu Persaud have also put the PPP on notice that their support will go elsewhere forcing Jagdeo to soften his rhetoric about the ingratitude of the nation. Now Joey Jagan Speaks Out.

The countdown to elections Monday May 11th has begun in earnest and both Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar are singling out traditional pockets of supporters as ungrateful citing ingratitude worst than obeah.

From all indications, polls and donations and attendance at rallies, the combo of APNU and AFC have done tremendously well. The endorsements from the Army and media outlets have proven a big booster for David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo.

Please be reminded that elections are about strategy and David as a retired soldier and historian went to the hinterland communities where poverty and neglect are rampant. In a recent radio interview he recounted seeing entire school houses in Moruca where kids of all ages and ethnic strain were bare footed. He cited the high cost of fuel in the Paramakatoi and Cuyuni and the lack of social media and telecommunication.

The ppp has been boasting of constructing a five star hotel- the Bharriott which was constructed on acreage that originally housed a training facility for teachers.

Jagdeo has now adorned himself as a doctor, in exchange for lumber, from an obscure European University. At this stage of the game he is multitasking: cussing his constituents and packing his bags to go. “It is about time”, one media practitioner was overheard saying. The operative also observed that Jagdeo cannot multitask. His idea of multi tasking is pissing in the bathroom while having a shower. Guyana best days seems to be ahead as a well calibrated and experienced professional team collate and cooperate to bring commonsense, principles and precepts and practices on a retail basis to everyday people.

APNU+AFC Reggae Song – By Clifford Alabama Charles

4 responses to this post.

  1. It seems as if Jagdeo is still the President and Ramotar is just a figure head.


  2. Posted by Restorer on May 6, 2015 at 12:27 am

    Guyanese need unity, integrity and genuine patriotism. Let’s move forward.


  3. Posted by Gloria Y Fredericks on May 6, 2015 at 2:16 am

    Where is the current President Donald Ramotar? Has he completely relinquished his election campaign to former President Jagdeo? Strange campaign tactic of putting on the disappearing act when he ought to be out there speaking about the issues.


  4. Posted by Ram Seech on May 9, 2015 at 1:15 am

    I’m a part of the Guyanese diaspora. I’ve been away since 1980. If there is a change in government next week, I’m coming back home to help reconstruct our beloved country. I’m a mining engineer. My Mumbai born wife can teach Hindi, Yoga and vegetarian cooking. She also has an MA in psychology from Mumbai University. We can both lecture at Tain Campus. Vote wisely guys, This is your only chance!


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