Cro Cro – Racial Integration


The thingification of Guyanese by the Jagdeo-Ramotar administration is forcing some thingsifsied recipients to make some hard and awkward choices. Word on the street is that May 5th is Indian Arrival Day and May 12th, has been designated Indian Departure Day as a new government and party takes control and re-align the people to values and virtues.

Cabinet Secretary and principal henchman of the PPP, Dr Roger Luncheon cannot believe it is not butter Luncheon feels betrayed by Commodore Gary Best after having been the recipient of several things and gifts from the PPP: an enhanced pension, promotion, housing adjoining the compound of former President Jagdeo et al.

Best has been welcomed with open arms within the fold of APNU/AFC and this new development seems to have sent shock waves in several quarters locally and overseas. 

This last weekend both Granger and Nagamootoo completed a campaign swing through Toronto in Canada and harvested the support of the Business community and scores of everyday people. The duo came home with more than 50,000 dollars in donations. The PPP, who visited the weekend before, by and large spoke to the same group and only raised 10,000 dollars. The APNU/AFC combo also had a great time in New York where they netted 40,000 US dollars plus a promise of an additional ten thousand before elections, May 11th. The PPP only netted 7,000 dollars in New York.

From all accounts the combo of APNU and AFC seem to be attracting larger audiences and funding and a victory seems imminent based on after rally interviews and observation.

Meanwhile, it is being bandied around that the New Marriott Hotel has been renamed Bhariott and plans are afoot, if elected, to transform the building into a technology training unit. Guyana apparently has more hotel rooms than classrooms and the new government wants to make Guyana a global partner in technology and engineering.

Some say it may get better to transform the building into a prison to house those who have plundered the economy but Lusignan prison without walls seems to be the alternate being considered.

The word on the street is also looking at the Human Services Minister, Ms Jennifer Webster who it is alleged, is taking the fall for her boss… name and I would whistle. Jennifer apparently was the chief Finance Officer in the Office of the President when Jagdeo was President. She is now linked to the plane which landed in Puerto Rico with more than 600,000 dollars hidden in the jet the co- pilot/owner Guyanese Khemraj Lall was flying.

Mr. Lall has appeared in court and has given up his business investments as part of a plea deal. The DEA have also found over six million US dollars he had tucked away in private accounts in the USA.

Jennifer has never been able to disentangle herself from the vast corrupt network she presided over and is also denying that her daughter was a principal stake holder in an incinerator and recycling project valued more than 30 million US dollars. A significant number of other cabinet and senior appointees within the PPP are also being investigated as the tables change and the playing field gets smoother.

Eddy Neblett – Peace N Unity

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