Son-Son Huntley succumbs to snake bite…

Donnie Mc Clurkin- We fall down but we get up


Son-Son Huntley succumbs to snake bite..

Funeral arrangements for Victoria born and raised teacher and finance guru, Leighton Son-Son Huntley, is billed for Saturday April 18th, in Linden.

Son-Son age 67, now retired, was pursuing the activity he loved best…farming in his household plot in Wismar, He treated farming as an encore profession after having worked in the mining community for more than 40 years. Son Son, like his seven other siblings, was a graduate of Hindu College, Cove and John. We grew up together and even though he was a few years my senior, he was the perfect example and mentor for the village. 

Son-Son was an early riser and took care of the stock of pigs and cows and a vast collection of small animals the family raised to keep life and soul together. He attended big Brethren Sunday school and in high school, was a Prefect….over the years, the name Prefect stuck with him because of the values and virtues he upheld. And when he got married in the early 70s, there were more than 20 bridesmaids….that was an investment in that era and time. His marriage produced four daughters all professionals in their respective fields of study. Son-Son apparently had a pre existing condition before he was bitten by a snake in his kitchen garden. His family had brought him to Jamaica for specialized treatment but a week ago he succumbed to his illness aggravated by the snake bite.

Victoria, like Linden, mourns the passing of this great Son and Teacher.

Be Be and Ce Ce Winans – Lost without you.

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