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“The Golden Age of Georgetown Characters: 1930-1960″ – By Bernard Heydorn

Crazy – He mad

“The Golden Age of Georgetown Characters: 1930-1960″
By Bernard Heydorn

The Caribbean is known not only for its sunny climate, but also its street people: Colourful characters who paraded daily through town and country, providing spontaneous street theatre.

Whether driven to the streets by mental, emotional or social derailment, or “dropping out and turning on” by free choice, they remain indelible in memory, symbolic of the life and times. Like the politicians of the day, street characters had the ability to attract attention.

In Georgetown, Guyana, names like Bertie Vaughn, Law And Order, Cato, Pussy In The Moonlight, Pele, Mad John, Saul, Walker The British, Cow Manure, Oscar The Paper Man, Tunus, Daddy Ben, Mary Bruk Iron, Bicycle Jack, and others, were standouts during that golden age of theatre of the absurd (1930 – -1960), providing year round side shows, a character for every reason and season.
It is interesting to note that many of these characters found a place to rest at night, be it the Palms, Dharm Shala, a Mental Home, a back room, or underneath a shop bridge. However, back then, as now, their illnesses, be they mental or physical, their idiosyncrasies and eccentricities, were crying out for healing hands.

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REO Eddy Johnson dies suddenly – By Waltie Ainsworth

Through it All – Andre Crouch

REO Eddy Johnson dies suddenly

By Waltie Ainsworth

Former Regional Executive Officer(REO), Region Three, Eddy Johnson, age 78, died early Easter Sunday morning in a City hospital Georgetown, Guyana after complaining the day before of discomfort in his stomach. Eddy was retired for more than 20 years but still maintained a fiduciary position with the PSU credit union. He was the principal signatory for all loans and letters of credit disbursed over the last 30 years.

Eddy was a cultural icon with original roots in Hopetown, WCB. In the early days he was a school teacher before elevating himself as a community development officer assigned to Linden, Suddie, Buxton and later Fort Wellington. He later served as a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing during the Burnham Era.

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