Ramotar stink fingers Jagdeo as born again economist

Black Stalin – Better Days

Ramotar stink fingers Jagdeo as born again economist

Approximately 40 days and 40 nights to go before elections on May 11th the joint opposition leader David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo, have just completed a campaign swing thru Miami, New York and New Jersey. And this weekend, the duo and other party executives will adorn their A and P suits (Advent and Passover) and meet with the Christian communities in Anna Regina.

President Ramotar in an attempt to boost the relevance and appointment of Jagdeo as an economic advisor has instead stink fingered him as a born again economist. Jagdeo has no advanced degrees or academic profile or international exposure to justify his appointment. Here again he is biting off more than he can chew.

President Ramotar seems to know very little about Jagdeo as he lumbers in disdain and discontent and fear of losing the upcoming elections. Ramotar is holding on to blacks to preserve the intellectual hygiene of the PPP. Namely Ms Elizabeth Harper who is a born PNC stalwart, but for a few dollars more and enhancement of her resume, she is bending over to accommodate the PPP. Jagdeo would have been better off completing courses of study at Critchlow Labour College or University of Guyana where classes in economics would have put him in better stead and temper his behaviour as it relates to money and governance. Jagdeo attended the academic equivalent of a Community College and is struggling to find himself as an authentic leader.

Meanwhile, the PPP Central Executive is looking high and low to redeem themselves and is threatening episodes of violence as experienced in the 1960s. Word on the street is that attempts are being made to bring home notorious Roger Khan but unfortunately he is not scheduled to arrive until July of 2019. Recent reports suggest that while in prison he was found naked and unconscious in his cell and may have been gang raped.

The joint opposition is now considering renaming Carmichael Street as Crum Ewing Drive in memory of slain protestor. A so me lykam.


The Song of Guyana’s Children  Maureen Marks-Mendonca,

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