Wednesday funeral for Dame Linette Hoppie also known as May Beaton

Maceo Parker – Fa fa fa sad song

Wednesday funeral for Dame Linette Hoppie also known as May Beaton.
jeggae momBy Waltie Ainsworth

The immediate family and offspring of Dame Linette Hoppie/ May Beaton on Wednesday March 18th, announced her passing around seven p.m. Had Linette lived another five hours or so, it would have perfectly synchronized with the death of her mom, Cousin Florrie who had passed 19 years ago on March 19, 1996 in the Peoples Republic of Victoria. Linette died here in Brooklyn after a prolonged illness. Her children and their children were with her as she transitioned to the great beyond. 

I had known Linette all my life because she was a noble neighbor and strict confidant of my uncle Emile, with whom I grew up. Linette was described by him as being frisky and independent, as distinct from interdependent. Linette was a self made entrepreneur, bus tour and international cruise organiser. She was also a box hand holder and spiritual healer and for years had stalls in Bourda Market.

jagga mom fneral

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It was her who influenced the movement from glass baby bottles to synthetic plastic bottles, cups, plates and spoons on the East Coast. She was a great ballroom dancer and jazz enthusiast. She was also popular for choreographing the uncle Bertie dance and always looked great in tie-die gowns and outfits.

My prayers are with her children and surviving siblings especially Cousin Eileen.

Here are the funeral arrangements (click to enlarge)

King Fighter = All Ah We Is One

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