A US citizen and former GDF officer shot five times … in Guyana

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A US citizen and former GDF officer shot five times

By Waltie Ainsworth

Plural ignorance seems to have consumed President Bharrat Jagdeo as he addressed a mammoth rally at Babu John at Port Mourant on the Courentyne. Scores was bussed in from as far away as Wakenaam, Mahicony, Cornealia Ida and Orealla. The local community did not participate and President Jagdeo took the opportunity to give tacit approval to maim and kill blacks who stood in opposition to the party.

Jagdeo also said that the PPP party was for East Indians only and if Blacks were included they were mere contract workers setting their mouths when honey a-run. Prime Minister elect Sam Hinds and Prime Minister select, Elizabeth Harper both looked confused and timid as Jagdeo run his mouth and signaled incremental killings of blacks who did not confirm and comply with his authority.

(Click here for jagdeo addressing Babu John meeting in Port Mourant).

The joint political opposition rigorous protest against the brutal killing of one of their activists a week ago in Diamond, has forced the main suspects……..the police, to come up with two unnamed suspects. Details at time of writing were sketchy by several eyewitness claimed that the victim, Mr. Courtney Crum Ewing, was exercising his constitutional rights encouraging villagers from Diamond to come out and vote, when an unmarked police car showed up and five bullets….three to the head hit Mr. Crum Ewing.

Reports also suggest that the local police which has a track record of appearing days later, was on the scene before the echo faded as if to suggest they were in tandem with the shooter’s getaway vehicle. Mr. Crum Ewing is a former GDF lieutenant and a US citizen who lived and worked in the Florida area. He also lived in Antigua and returned to “Guyana to help drum up support for the APNU and AFC parties.

(Click here for Capitol News video clip on shooting of Crum Ewing ).

Meanwhile a number of concerned Guyanese have been taking to social media discussing the high incidents of state sponsored terrorism in Guyana. Of particular concern is Indian males donning afro and Rastafarian wigs and in other cases, wearing short cropped hair styles to give the appearance of being black.

Several cases have been cited including a recent bloc hold up in Ann’s Grove. Four Indian motor cyclists armed with AK 47s in hand, corralled several Pork Knockers into one group and had them hand over their fat finger rings and donkey-back chains and arm bands. Mini bus drivers have also been complaining about being held up and robbed at gun point by young Indian boys who pose as Africans. The police do not pay attention especially because the victims cannot accurately determine the identities of the attackers. And so when President Ramotar calls for an investigation, they all snicker and LOL at his folly.

Heal Our Land (Song For Guyana) by Sean Sobers


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