Nose blind Ramsammy ducks out from country – By Waltie Ainsworth

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Nose blind Ramsammy ducks out from country

By Waltie Ainsworth

Over the Phagwah holiday weekend, reports from Georgetown suggests that prominent PPP central executive member and Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy duck out of the country to New York with no immediate plans to return.

Word on the street is that the former Health Minister did not realise the brutal and unbalanced relationship that the party he embraces has with the Guyanese populace. His excuse for leaving is that he has a heart condition, but dem boy seh it more look like nose blind.

Another comrade of similar ilk, Robert Persaud, currently Mines and Environment Minister, has been charged with new responsibilities by former president Bharrat Jagdeo. Robert has to scrub all emails and electronic communication and delete all evidence that points to corruption, graft and drug related offences between and among the Government, Army, central executives and private citizens. 

And in Ottawa Canada, the current high commissioner, Harry Naraine Nawbatt, said goodbye at a Mashramani dinner party. It was his opinion that President Jagdeo was not fluid and fluent in reading and understanding the populace. Nawbatt also announced that several appointments and selections were being made including that of Prime Minister Ms Elisabeth Harper.

A fortnight ago, Prime Minister Sam Hinds who said he was available was booted from office and his replacement was a career foreign service officer Ms Elizabeth Harper. Nawbatt, fell short of saying that the original party faithful, felt cheated and are protesting with their heels.

The rumor mill also has it that Cabinet Secretary, Roger Luncheon, has threatened to leave citing medical and mental fatigue. And Kaieteur editor-in-chief Mr. Adam Harris, had the shock of his life when police in Georgetown took his grandson, D’angelo into custody for jaywalking. He was subsequently released and the spit press is saying that Kwame McCoy, who is allegedly embroiled in a multi-million dollar fraud, set the wheels in motion to seek revenge on Adam for exposing him in the electronic and print media.

Click here for Kaieteur news report involving behaviour of Kwame McCoy.

Meanwhile several gunmen on motor cycles rushed into Anns Grove and stuck up about nineteen residents taking away their gold bracelets, chains and nugget rings. Anns Grove is a tough community and whoever the armed and masked men were should be given the Cacique Crown of Honor for their share courage knowing what I know about the community.

Safety is one of the critical issue in Guyana. Late last year the Chinese church St Phillips on High street was robbed before mass on a Sunday morning. None shall escape.

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