PM Hinds Booted – By Waltie Ainsworth

Black Stalin – The marriage

PM Hinds Booted

This Lenten and Mashramani season, comes shrouded with loud drama and disappointment.

Top of the list is the resignation of Prime Minister, Sam Hinds.  Sam apparently disbarred a judge for having jailed his son who has a perennial problem with criminal behaviours. Immediately after a closed door meeting with President Jagdeo on Mashramani weekend, the Office of the President announced that Ms Elisabeth Harper would take his place and contest the upcoming May 11th Mother’s Day elections.

Sam Hinds, this writer has been told that never had a list of duties. Sam Hinds also took it personal that they were putting a woman to replace him as Prime Minister. 

A Google search reveals that Ms Harper is the daughter of now deceased city planner Aubrey Barker for whom the main parkway in South Ruimveldt was named after. She is originally from Kitty and comes from a blended family fetching names like Pollard, Chung, Burnham and Jackson.

Reports also suggests that she attended Convent of the Good Shepherd and later St Roses before taking up a career in the Foreign Service.

President Jagdeo, who on the other hand does not give anything without taking a piece for himself, announced over the Mashramani weekend that he will take up an official position parallel to that of Prime Minister. Jagdeo said that this political appointment will allow him to work in the Office of the president as an economic adviser pro bono.

Word on the street is that the marriage with Elizabeth cannot last because of the visible socioeconomic disparities between the two economic groups. Ms Harper is a career public servant who is outcome driven while Jagdeo and cohorts is how much you come with. Some comrades who are close to her must have overheard her chant about the state of disrepair of the Aubrey Barker access road in South Ruimveldt in relation to the fifty million being spent to upgrade the West Demerara highway. Also the plight of the Linden Soesdyke highway is also on her mind and she feels that better can be done instead of worse continuing.

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  1. As a prime minister I am disappointed in him the way he realty with matter I had an opointment with him 2yrs ago travel from Barbados to dealt with a land matter that I Theresa sobers is paying for the government give the land to one of they party member who is PPP I grew on this land as a child I took a lawyer in this matter Mr Frazer he die I lost over two hundred thousand dollars behind this land my stuff is sitting in Guyana at a friend house I am loosing my stuff I went to the housing no investigating has not been down how can I go to Sam hinds tell him. My story show him my documents then he is going to tell me to write him my complain he has insult my intelligence I need help to get my land so I can build my home for my old age I am awaiting a respond


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