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Fly Jamaica $199.00 from Mash to Mothers Day – By Waltie Ainsworth

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Fly Jamaica $199.00 from Mash to Mothers Day

Fly Jamaica has acquired an additional plane and almost simultaneously announced that it flies directly from JFK to Georgetown. And to celebrate this perennial hurdle, the airline has been offering $199.99 one way fares as Guyanese celebrate the 45th anniversary of Republican status.

Guyana now has six airlines servicing the North American market. Dem boy seh that Caribbean Airlines maintains its status as the coolie airline, Portuguese community flies Infill out of Curacao, COPA is dedicated to the Amerindians. Suriname Airways is dedicated to Chinese and Fly Jamaica is strictly Black folks. Dynamic has dedicated all its resources to the gay community. A comrade who has flown once, twice or thrice with the Dynamic complained that each time the main meal was shine rice with fish cake….a delicacy in the gay community hence the affiliation to that factory.  Continue reading

PM Hinds Booted – By Waltie Ainsworth

Black Stalin – The marriage

PM Hinds Booted

This Lenten and Mashramani season, comes shrouded with loud drama and disappointment.

Top of the list is the resignation of Prime Minister, Sam Hinds.  Sam apparently disbarred a judge for having jailed his son who has a perennial problem with criminal behaviours. Immediately after a closed door meeting with President Jagdeo on Mashramani weekend, the Office of the President announced that Ms Elisabeth Harper would take his place and contest the upcoming May 11th Mother’s Day elections.

Sam Hinds, this writer has been told that never had a list of duties. Sam Hinds also took it personal that they were putting a woman to replace him as Prime Minister.  Continue reading