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Arrest of Caracas Mayor Sign of Broader Venezuela Crackdown

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Arrest of Caracas Mayor Sign of Broader Venezuela Crackdown
CARACAS, Venezuela — Feb 20, 2015, 9:48 PM ET

Opponents of President Nicolas Maduro poured into the streets Friday to condemn the surprise arrest of Caracas’ mayor for allegedly participating in a U.S.-backed plot to overthrow his government.

The protests came a day after an armed commando unit dressed in camouflage raided Mayor Antonio Ledezma’s office and hauled him away. The detention, recorded by security cameras, set off a wave of spontaneous demonstrations in middle-class neighborhoods loyal to the opposition and on Friday a few hundred supporters gathered peacefully to denounce Ledezma’s “kidnapping.”

The mayor was charged with conspiracy, a crime punishable by 8 to 16 years in jail, and sent Friday night to a military prison outside Caracas where other prominent government foes are being held. Continue reading