Black Stalin – A smelling it


By Waltie Ainsworth – 10 February 2015 – (note that this article was written before the APNU-AFC agreement was announced)

WANTED IN GUYANA……thinkers and tinkerers who can meld and weld the ethnic groups into one team of innovators and workers. The PPP in 22 years was obsessive about creating neighbours instead of room- mates between and among the races and instead of producing diversity created a hodge podge that eliminated vertical growth. And now that election is nigh, the horizontal programs of coping and canning alien programs, has left the electorate willing to venture into super inordinate programs with a plan to have alternate presidents.

Under the heading of super inordinate goals, the AFC and APNU will combine efforts and resources to combat and challenge the PPP at the May 11 election cycle. But what is apparent is the tussle for positions, they should simply come together first and bake the cake and share after. The cake cannot be sliced prior to the election.

Guyana has some peculiar and perennial problems that only a leader that thinks he has more seed than boulanger can tinker and resolve. All the people that benefited from free education have left on GUY AMERICA and those that remain can hardly take themselves out of a shower of rain. The PPP drug industry has garnered a US trillion dollars. And none of that money has been invested in jobs, industry or research. Instead it has been in conspicuous spending in cars, hotels, homes without mortgages and cheap sex on the fly.

LIBERIA with ebola threatening its existence has been able to bring down the daily death toll from 60 to 12 daily. Guyana experiences 11 deaths daily with an average of two from suicides. The average net worth of a suicide victim is 90,000 US dollars. The more money, the more vulnerable citizens become to suicide.

It is much too early in the struggle to defeat the PPP in the upcoming May11 General elections. The real task at hand is for the AFC to link arms and hands with APNU with the specific and super inordinate goal of promoting economic development in Guyana.
This writer was talking recently with a long lost friend and former Army officer who fears that the PNC will not be able to go it alone. And if they do and they win, revenge must be the last thing on the minds of that crop of politicians. His suggestion for the PNC to win is to emancipate the flock of baby mothers who are under 18 and give them a chance to vote.

The comrade was damn serious. He claimed that the PPP deliberately withholds all statistics including the demographics of the population. The drug culture that the PPP promotes treats promiscuity as a right of passage. And one sure way to reign in the young baby mothers and fathers is to give them the responsibility of voting.

No immediate figures were available about the ethnic make up of eligible emancipated voters. He outlined a story in which a 14 year old indian baby mother took her daughter to the dentist to have her teeth taken care of . The young mother had to have her own mother sign the consent form before the dentist could treat the baby in arms. While at the dentist office, the mother of the infant said she too had a problem with her denture and had her mother come back to the hospital to sign the consent form. In the end the supervising nurse said it was not necessary to bring back the grandmother. The daughter by having the child was emancipated to sign.
Guyana is at the stage where older folks are displaced and distressed especially in black and Amerindian communities. The PPP has shuttered most traditional places of employment and have bridled those who continue to work. Economic growth is both stingy and meagre and the values and virtues of a once prosperous nation have been depleted.

Indians used to be neck and neck with their black counterparts under the PNC. But now the Indians are 32 times richer than blacks.
A bottle of imported beer costs eight US dollars and so is the average daily wage of a teacher, police, sales clerk or security guard. Gasolene in North America so far this year averages US$ 1.90 cents per gallon. In Guyana the average price for gasolene is US$5 per gallon. All commodity prices and services are pegged to the price of gasolene.

The combined efforts of the AFC and APNU must promote a regime where there are thinkers who can look above and beyond their circumstances and tinker in concert with with population on creative ideas, sports and technologies. Drugs will not do it, it is not sustainable and it is immoral and drives down momentum and diversity.

The small man’s wish is to have a leadership that does not make distinction and show favoritism based on race, ethnicity or color. Genuine development must be paramount and drugs must be in the rear view mirror, always and forever.

Chalkdust – Drug report

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