During the New Year celebration comrades bowed their heads in silence to remember the life and times of Mendes Patrick Benn, who lived and died in an Atlanta suburb prior to the Christmas holiday.

Four days later at the dawn of the New Year, the news rang out that Leslie Chung who also lived in Atlanta had kicked the bucket. I had known both men personally. Both of them were equal opportunity offenders and classical loud mouths and patriots.
I went to high school in Buxton with Patrick while I grew up swimming in the side line trench naked, with Chung, as the self appointed Life guard and coach. 

Then there was the death of Aubrey Henry, a Reverend, Comrade and JAYCEE affiliate. Aubrey was in New York on vacation and suffered a massive heart attack. His body was taken back to Guyana for burial.

And while at a memorial service for Aubrey the news filtered thru that Kingsley Joseph who had returned home after retiring was hacked to death on his farm in Linden. Initial reports suggest that one of his sons is a person of interest by the police. His family has since cremated his body and returned the ashes to Maryland for internment.

One of the unexpected deaths so far has been the one reported by the family of Bernard Boxhill. I went to primary school with Boxhill at Bedford Methodist in Bourda and Sunday school at East Street Brethren in Georgetown. Apparently he operates a big rig between New York and Ohio and while on one of those interstate journeys, developed a massive heart attack.

Now for the most shocking of them all …… The passing of Donald Parris, Junior. Donald worked out in South Dakota in the oil industry and like all of the men mentioned before, had a massive heart attack. He was a mere 59 and a former army officer in Guyana. Plans are afoot to have him funeralized in Georgia ……. a thousand miles away, where his mom and siblings reside.

And finally the passing of Compton Ross……a veteran soldier and army captain in Guyana. A few short years ago Compton had a stroke and never fully recovered. At time of death he was in a nursing home and was undergoing therapy in a deliberate effort to make him compliant as part of his medical regime. Compton is originally from Alness on the Corentyne and pitched marbles with President pro tem Moses Nagamootoo.
To my dearly beloved brothers all who have passed on, we shall meet in the sweet bye and bye.

Andrae Crouch–Until Jesus Comes

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