WHEN-HONEY-A-RUN-SET-YUH-MOUTH……remembering Dr Faith Harding

Yolanda  Adams –  Thank you


WHEN-HONEY-A-RUN-SET-YUH-MOUTH……remembering Dr Faith Harding

Dr Faith Harding was mmm mmm -good.   Dr Harding was a born PNC lady who was enticed and literally bribed to part ways with the group that promoted peace and not conflict, grace and not greed, diversity and not drugs, commonsense and not criminals.

De Faith Harding

De Faith Harding

She was a genuine friend, comrade, mother, woman, scholar and wife.. .. not necessarily in that order but in totality.  And now that she has gone to the great beyond she may have regretted falling for the PPP’s promise of grandeur and glitz that was both shallow and hollow. She was advised by the Leadership to set her mouth when ‘honey – A – run’.

Dr Faith was promised a seat at the proverbial table but instead was consumed as another item on the menu card.  She was able to get the house, the car, the office, spending money et al but never got the respect and recognition she deserved.  She soon discovered that the material things did not jell with her spiritual self; functional non-cooperation affected her psychologically prior to her early demise. She was a brisk 67-year-old with a son who is an engineer in Iowa.

Dr Harding was a Presidential candidate last election on the PNC ticket.  She died the week the PPP announced that elections will be held May 11th, the same season mother’s day and Dr Reid’s birthday will be observed in Guyana.

Her last conversation with a mutual friend in Atlanta, Dr Faith questioned the wisdom behind that date and observed that had she been consulted,  she would have subscribed her two cents and advised otherwise especially because of CXC exams and the conflict of invigilators doubling as poll clerks.

Some 1400 young people per month will celebrate their 18th birthday in Guyana.  A similar amount will be celebrated overseas.  Guyana has cheated itself of a robust and potentially productive population by not providing jobs or social programs to harness the talents of young people.  A beer in Guyana cost eight US dollars, the same amount of money your average teacher, clerk or policeman earns.  These are signs of the quality of life issues Dr Faith was passionate about and now that she has passed on, there is a felt need for both the AFC and APNU to combine their efforts under the umbrella of inordinate goals and dash out the bad-minded PPP.


Andrae Crouch –  I AM BLESSED

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