From Darkness to Light – By Vladimir Elie

darknessFrom Darkness to Light
By Vladimir Elie

Another year falls into darkness and the sun of a new year is rising, filling our hearts with hope and anticipation—and perhaps, for some, apprehension.

I enjoy this time of the year, not only because of the celebrations and the quality time I share with friends and family, but also because it offers me an ideal opportunity to reflect on the past year and prepare for the upcoming one.

Like most, during the past 365 days, I had my fair share of ups and downs. I’m sure you had too. That’s life: there are sunny days and rainy days; there are bright mornings and dark nights; some days are warm, while others congeal our soul. But through the vicissitudes of this past year, God has kept his light shining upon me (and you). And, even when situations were dark—sometimes very dark—His light remained on us. 

The past year may not have been all you had hoped for. You may have faced overwhelming challenges and experienced major setbacks. Nevertheless, you’re still here, breathing, and entering into a new year. This in itself is a great blessing.

As you enter into the New Year, remember that dark moments—and you’ll experience some—can be source of intense light; every experience you go through holds seeds of opportunity for growth. In fact, these moments allow you to gain greater understanding of yourself, others, the world, and God.

As you extract the lessons from these moments, you become wiser and more compassionate—and in a sense, you travel from darkness to light. And, with your new found light, you may very well become a source of encouragement and comfort when others are going through their dark seasons, as they too are sometimes in dire need of a little ray of light.

Vladimir Elie is Associate Pastor of RHEMA Christian Ministries and founder of, a blog dedicated to helping people achieve great results in their life. He is also the author of the life-changing Kindle book, Great Results Mindsets: 7 Mindsets You Must Master to Achieve Great Results in Your Life.

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