In the Essequibo delta the code name for death is ‘BASIL’. Today with trepidation let the record show that the Barron native, David Profitt has been grabbed by the grim reaper ‘Basil’.
David was nearly 61 and lived with his family in Maryland.
David in Guyana was a mid level human services and paymaster at GUYWA.

He was the last of five brothers. His dad was a preacher man and David in his spare time was an accomplished Cook and old school music collector.
Ironically his father in law was now deceased entrepreneur and farmer, ‘Basil Brasillio, a spiritual staple in Trafalgar (#28) West Berbice.

Over our respective productive years, we had brazen encounters. As I recall his office was on Homestretch Avenue and I was an intern at the now defunct GBS. On Saturdays especially the clouds would gather at Mr. Bacchus shop on Hadfield St. Vodka chased with ribena was the recommended beverage as a valiant attempt to repair and refurbish the stomach walls.

And one day a young lady attempted to purchase two pounds of plantains. Mr. Bacchus had a working knowledge that three plantains made one pound and so he painstakingly applied six plantains to the scale. He quickly realized that the sixth one tipped the scale and took his hatchet and in one swoop, cut the plantain in half to approximate the weight. David saw the entire transaction and took his own money and paid for the entire parcel of plantains even though it had surpassed the weight.

His weakness was kindness and his strength his stick-to-itiveness. David also knew the difference between a thermostat and a thermometer. He used both in his purpose driven life. One was to control heat and the other to measure same. He never got them confused and detested cooks joking pointer in cakes and meat to determine consistency and completion.

David’s last request was to be buried in his hometown Barron.


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