Approximately eight years ago beloved communicologist and GT scholar was eulogizing his colleague and former GUYMINE executive Keith Byrne.
Hutton Archer was at the pulpit when suddenly he fell with a thump signaling his instant demise in Ottawa Canada.

Last week friends and family came to Brooklyn to funeraise Litchfield born and raised Donald Duke. His friend and DEMBA colleague Henry Semple collapsed shortly thereafter and died without medical intervention. Henry lived in Toronto and friends and family are already gathering in his neck of the woods, literally.

Those of us who are familiar with the genealogy of Litchfield know that the foundation and root families are Wade, Duke, Semple and Saul. Everybody else is Mac….Macpherson, MacFarlane, McKenzie and Macintosh.

And on the morning of November first, the children of Ms Daphne Saul Semple announced her passing overnight in her sleep. Daphne was a nurse for years at the Mahaica hospital and lived in Victoria before migrating to Queens two decades ago
The family of former Minister Of Information and Chief political adviser to past president LFS Burnham, Elvin McDavid, died from heart complications in Jamaica.

No details of his death and memorial service were given.

And in London, throngs gathered for the requiem mass for Buxton’s pride Ms Jean Dublin.
Jean migrated by boat in the days when migrants had to walk with six months ‘supply of ration’. To hear her talk of her experiences would make you balk. But she persisted and helped many others along the way.

Finally Ms Rebecca Isabella Thom born January 1924 died in the clutches of her children in Brooklyn. Ms Thom was formerly a Perry and was both prominent and dominant force in the church community in the Enmore Diocese of the Anglican Church.
As funerals go hers was tumultuous. Her body was taken back to Guyana for interment in familiar Saint Marks, Enmore.

Stevie Wonder – Falling in love with JESUS

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