Stanley Clarke-School Days


Barbara Atherly2

Barbara Patterson-Atherley

Ms Barbara Patterson- Atherly, a fortnight ago turned 60 and fled her post in war torn Syria to celebrate and be celebrated in NEW YORK.

It was a colorful affair and exceptionally private and intimate.

The rose center pieces were programmed to burst open and reveal their scent and beauty at a particular hour at the Sunday night fiesta held in her honor.

 Barbara Patterson-Atherley. =1The tributes were many and profound for the wife of former chief of staff of the Guyana Defense Force Brigadier General Michael Atherly.

Barbara works with the United Nations as a cultural development operative and over the last 20 years has seen conflict in “Congo, Afghanistan and now Syria among other nations.



Also celebrating a significant Birthday in October is Marilyn Farley-Thompson.
Several of her friends from New York and Maryland made the pilgrimage to her home in Georgia to celebrate the grand event.

Happy birthday greetings to both young Ladies.

 Usher: kissing song

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