Macao Parker- fa fa fa


He was a legend in his time and had dual citizenship in the Peoples Republic of Victoria and Buxton.

None of the folks contacted seem to recall the origin of Beef’s name. What I do remember is that Aliki Bob wanted to recruit him as a supervisor for the Guyoil gas station in the village and submitted to the region his name as RAWBEEF. Obviously upset, his quick retort was “WORK IS FOR WORKING PEOPLE”.

Raybeef used to refer to himself as a commoner and was a known quantity and activist in political circles.

It is no secret that he refused to work under the Forbes Burnham regime even though they were friends and shared ‘charash’ and local wines holiday times and national events. Beef earned his keep by playing the horses and being loyal to his friends and compatriots. When Cheddie Jagan became President he went to work as a security operative with Banks DIH and when the Jagdeo administration declared war on Buxton Beef fled to Trinidad.

He died the first week of September and buried on Setember 22nd in Victoria.
Given name Leslie Cocksfield was a personal friend. I hold him responsible for introducing me to the ways and whereabouts in rural and rustic Guyana. Initially we did the burial society excursions to notably Ithaca and Mocha.

All year round we were the personal assistants to Yvonne Benjamin better known as Shilling. Shilling was a groupie of Sid and the Slickers and wherever the band went Beef dragged me along as chauffeur.

His brother-in-law Breeze Patrick Graham played congas and sang in the band and we always got complimentary tickets

Beef was a strange dancer. He knew the playbook by heart and always danced by and with himself after the 6th lagger.

At one stage we shared a bachelor’s pad and I recognized he was no fool. He spoke Taki-Taki and French. He had visited all the neighboring territories and had a seaman’s license. Beef had no kids and enjoyed the status of a live- home bachelor. Francis and Wax and Babo and Mike Mackay we all have fond memories.

Also dead and buried this week is Chunchas, daughter in law Ms Abena Hope. Abena had dual citizenship in Buxton and Victoria and a certain comrade has decried the habitual passing of these comrades from the edge estates. Recently COWFLY went thru. As well as Zeeburg and Richard Baird. It is not pleasant to recount and recall all the deaths but I was told straight to my face that if I was still in Guyana I too would have gone thru.

Luther Vandross – A Change Is Gonna Come


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