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This writer only got the news on Tuesday …the same day that cousin Elsie Schweir was being funeralised at the Auchline chapel on the Corentyne Coast.  Elsie was 78 and was socially active.

A fortnight ago my lifelong neighbor and family Waveney Thomas 86, went thru. In the Peoples Republic of Victoria, Cousin Waveney had one son who is a Professor of Mathematics at Medgar Evers College. Her son Trevor Thomas, who lives and works in New York, did not attend the funeral but sent an emissary to represent him. Cousin Waveney, for several significant years, was part of the housekeeping staff and merry maid at the Belfield residence of the Former President LFS Burnham. As I write I recall the late night raids myself and brother made on the overhanging succulent and seasonal genip, sapodilla and dungs trees in the neighboring yard. Perhaps it is too late now to ask for forgiveness but the bats were twice as destructive in harvesting the fruits.

Also dead in New York is Ms Daphne McKenzie Halley. She was 80 and was better known as Sister McKenzie. As a boy during the 81 day general strike and the tandem disturbances my mother sent myself and older brother to her ancestral home at Seafield for safe keeping. Sister McKenzie became our surrogate mother and I understood then how Names were allotted to children. Sister McKenzie had lots of brothers hence her house name, ‘Sister’.

There was a preponderance of babies…..all familiar and family. Folks like Baby Alice, Teacher Baby Walters, Baby –U- Monah among others. There was also Baby Albert and Baby McRae. The rationale for Baby is at birth these newborns were patchuma and were not expected to live and was also a warning to handle with care.

Sister McKenzie has left strict instructions for her body to be returned to Seafield because she does not want New York jumbies to frighten her. A memorial service will be held on Sunday14th September in Brooklyn.

And on Saturday 13th September Ms Jane Morris 84, formerly of Belladrum West Berbice, will be funeralised in Linden where she spent most of her productive years.
Jane lived with her daughter Deslyn in Georgetown and a fortnight ago Deslyn, an Employee of GT&T, was visiting her son and grand children in the USA. No sooner when Deslyn arrived she got the news of the passing of her Mom. Deslyn has since aborted her vacation and is back in Guyana coordinating funeral arrangements for her Mom who was a former employee of the Linden Town Council.

My sincere prayers are extended to all the afflicted and affected families.

Bob Marley – Night Shift

Crazy – My Redeemer Lives

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  1. Posted by Peter Sam on September 14, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Funeralised, come on bro is Guyanese you talking to man, stop this boring use of the English language. The lady died and she was buried in her village. This is the same thing that caused the disconnect between our leaders and us, they spoke in their borrowed language in a manner that made them just as elitist as our slave masters. Funeralised, give me a break Ainsie.


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