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They both lived in New York and separately maintained homes and delivered charitable works in their respective communities.

Last week a Cousin Agnes Grant 94, was laid to rest the morning after the traditional; and all night celebration of Soiree. Over the last fifty years Cousin Agnes was the principal organizer of this Creole festival in Hopetown held the first Monday in August annually.

“Cow Fly”: Equally compelling and compassionate is an original Buxton man who in his adult years shifted his domicile to Victoria where he had a second mortgage. 

Cow Fly in Guyana worked at The Mahaica Hospital and in New York always organized for medical supplies and exchange of personnel to treat the indigent.

Given name Sydney Ifill, was a type A personality with type two diabetes. He was also a typee banner and it was only in his reclining years that this writer cultivated the guts to call him by his false name to his face.

Both these comrades will be sorely missed in their respective communities.
“Cow-Fly’s” viewing was on Thursday August 14, 2014 in Queens, New York.

Chalkdust – Hymns My Parents Sang

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  1. Posted by Roy T Persaud on September 7, 2014 at 12:30 am

    Cow fly was a Victorian- grew up in Victoria and went to Roman school as Sydney Pollard. His mother was Buxtonian and Rogie’s daughter, Wavney Sancho was his maternal sister. TP Pollard was his father and he grew up with Puntun Blair after the passing of his father.


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