Bob Marley: Africa Unite


Three Somali nationals and a native from Haiti have captured for the first time scholarship money originally conceptualized for young natives from the English speaking Caribbean.
The black scholarship program in Ottawa coincides with Caribana was initiated in 1994 by Trinidad born medical practitioner in Ottawa Dr Christiane Alexis.

To date four students every Year have been awarded about six thousand dollar each to help defray academic expenses while they pursue higher learning.

Some self assumed social scientists have been looking at the decline in excellence by West Indians and blaming Wikipedia for not being diverse enough and considerate in accommodating the Caribbean.

Some other feedback suggests that non English speaking blacks have a narrative of patriotism and sacrifice thus enhancing their essay writing skills. West Indians in the diaspora it is felt spend more time daily on social media than they actually sleep hence their dependence on Wikipedia for knowledge and exposure.

Peer tutoring in the Ottawa community and using volunteers in the school system at all levels can be a stitch in time to remedy the decline and enhance the academic skills of West Indians in the diaspora.

Click here for this year’s program outline in Ottawa a fortnight ago.


Hugh Masakela – Grazing in the Grass

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