Guyana Acting Foreign Minister Booed by Guests at US Reception



Scores of invitees to fourth of July American Independence Day celebration in Guyana are reeling from post traumatic stress disorder after acting foreign affairs minister Ms Priya Manickchand wailed into the Obama administration accusing the outgoing ambassador of crossing an imaginary red line, and meddling in its business.

The plural diverse multiethnic multicultural and multinational invitees booed and jeered the ‘PSYCHO-ILLOGICAL’ rant of the scripted divisionary message which underscored the lukewarm relationship between the PPP administration and the Obama administration. At the end in total embarrassment and without remorse Ms Manickchand accompanied by Gail Texeira, special advisor to the president of Guyana, departed the Sowari.

The acting foreign Minister whose substantive position is Education minister accused the American ambassador of promoting Urban renewal local government elections, drug enforcement programs and a halt to money laundering.

Over the tenure of Mr. Hardt, several programs were initiated to promote youth and women’s development and harnessing the life skills of Amerindian and hinterland residents. Mr. Hardt’s wife is African American and the PPP is of the firm belief that all these programs and projects were deliberate and protected to install the opposition APNU which has a grass root fiber in its manifesto.

The PPP has an over arching belief system based on Hindu teaching and principles , that blacks are inferior and not deserving of upliftment. This seems to be the core problem for the luke-warm relationship between the PPP and the Obama administration.
The ten minute prepared rant by Ms. Manickchand, who originates from Washclothes Mahaicony, is just another example of non inclusiveness and functional non-cooperation by the PPP in its apan-jaat agenda.



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