Guyanese is Purcellville’s (Virginia) first Black Mayor

Eddie Grant – Village Life

Guyanese is Purcellville’s (Virginia) first Black Mayor

Kwasi Fraser is the newest Mayor of Purcellville. With his 868 votes in the May 6 town elections, Fraser, a
Kwasi Fraser

Kwasi Fraser
Guyanese, defeated Vice-Mayor J. Keith Melton to become the town’s first black Mayor. Fraser campaigned on the motto “Putting citizens first.”
He obtained a resounding 62 per cent of the votes cast in a 94 per cent white community.
Fraser migrated to the US in 1982 with his mother, Monica Philander-Fraser, a Buxtonian, and four siblings. He later became a US Citizen. He has a wife and three children who helped him in his campaign.
As a student he secured a Degree in Engineering from Stony Brook University; MBA from Rutgers University and a Certificate in business from Harvard University business school.
He is currently a Project Manager with Verizon, and a co-founder of Samepoint, an Internet search engine.
His father Clyde ‘Fitz’ Fraser hails from Victoria, East Coast Demerara. Fraser will replace outgoing Mayor Bob Lazaro, who served four terms at the helm through a booming growth period.
All in all, Purcellville proved to be the place to be, with competitive elections for both Mayor and Town Council and a voter turnout of close to 27.8 percent and 1,381 people coming to vote on Election Day, according to Loudoun County’s unofficial election results.
Sugar Aloes – TIME

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