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Guyanese is Purcellville’s (Virginia) first Black Mayor

Eddie Grant – Village Life

Guyanese is Purcellville’s (Virginia) first Black Mayor

Kwasi Fraser is the newest Mayor of Purcellville. With his 868 votes in the May 6 town elections, Fraser, a
Kwasi Fraser

Kwasi Fraser
Guyanese, defeated Vice-Mayor J. Keith Melton to become the town’s first black Mayor. Fraser campaigned on the motto “Putting citizens first.”
He obtained a resounding 62 per cent of the votes cast in a 94 per cent white community.
Fraser migrated to the US in 1982 with his mother, Monica Philander-Fraser, a Buxtonian, and four siblings. He later became a US Citizen. He has a wife and three children who helped him in his campaign. Continue reading