Wedding Bell(e)s Ring Out for PRV T(r)ycoons

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Wedding Bell(e)s Ring Out for PRV T(r)ycoons

By Ewalt Ainsworth    5/11/2014

There is an age old maxim that says that after a storm comes a calm. The People’s Republic of Victoria (PRV), have been averaging four funerals per week in as many years. This harvest of weddings seems to an antidote to dispel the fears and tears of the populist.

Over the last four weeks, four of Victoria’s families exchanged wedding vows in just as many separate ceremonies across the diaspora.

Saul WeddingFirst in line, was the eldest son of Victoria’s premier social trycoon Wia Horace Craigwell at a simple ceremony in Stone Mountain Georgia. Randy is an ex military officer and last year about this time his dad expired after a traumatic experience trying a ting in an ethnic enclave in New York. His mother Pam Smith and several of their aunts from Guyana attended the ceremony where Jeggae prevailed. Randy’s wife Nneka McKenzie looked radiant in a signature series wedding gown. 

Second in line, was Burnham Poole’s daughter, who exchanged marriage vows in Brisbane , Australia. Burnham is a known quantity and media mogul in Guyana.

Third in line, was the daughter of Mr. Ivor Thom. Mr. Ivor Thom is a return home Guyanese and administrator/trycoon of the Burrowes School of Art (click here for photos of his art collection).
The bride Ms Enteshi Augustine/Duncan, daughter of Alison Augustine/Duncan; originally from Georgetown Guyana, is academically inclined and is currently studying her PHD in the foothills of Knoxville, Tennessee. The newlyweds are currently honeymooning in Mexico and will be back for a gala second Sunday.

Last but not least, trycoon Dominara Saul, exchanged wedding vows with fellow Victorian Samantha Wiltshire in Long Island over the last weekend. It was a two tiered ceremony and reception. The morning session was for the church brethren, relatives and friends. The evening reception at a prominent nightclub featured a DJ and 400 techno geeks.

Domin, is an adjunct professor in Ottawa (Canada) and is a senior partner in a global computer outfit.
Jeggae raised the roof and frocks at the weeding eve and queh-que, which also had 400 stealthy, healthy and wealthy comrades from the PRV and neighboring communities.
The couple is currently honeymooning in Malaysia and will take up residency in Canada upon their return.


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