By Ewalt Ainsworth       05 27 2014

GUYANA celebrated a significant milestone this time of year on May 26. The KINGPINS classic…DARLING IT WONT BE THIS WAY ALWAYS seems to be the substitute rhythm for the national anthem. The PPP has stopped playing the PATSY KLIEN standard… I FALL TO PIECES and have locked horns with the businessmen as they apply liens on the wages and chattels of the visible minority workers in a creative business model.

The average annual income of a worker is three thousand dollars. A new car is sold at US 19,000 A reconditioned car from Japan is upwards of six thousand plus 120 per cent in all applicable taxes. For both categories. The repayment is rated at US 100.00 for every five thousand dollars. Bi weekly, the seller reserves the right to put a lien on your wages and the item purchased under the brinksmanship of the new governor of the bank of Guyana, Dr Ganga.

The banks have gotten super liberal and you can get any amount of money to buy anything providing you put your thumb print next to the big-X and lien on us to deliver on all your consumer needs and trans-p;

An educated consumer used to be the maxim but these days it is lien on me.

If ever there was a felt need for a bureau of standards and consumer protection, in this 48th year of seeming independence, now seems to be the time. Police, soldiers, clerks, technicians and other entry level operatives are pushed to make hire purchase agreements to procure items like televisions, cars, computers, stoves et al. Worse, their respective employers are benefitting from kick-backs because the employee’s monthly premium is deducted directly from his wages.

He or she is also forced to sign an agreement that in case of nonpayment, a lien is placed against any property, collateral or wages so as to ensure payments.

And if for some reason a family or friend wants to purchase a television or a big ticket item that has just come out in the diaspora, THERE ARE SOME STORES IN Brooklyn and Queens where relatives and friends can make the initial deposit and pick up the item almost immediately…a phone call or text later…in Georgetown. The terms of agreement are signed in Gt and the lien on the wages affects only the signatory in Gt.

Eileen Cox perhaps never heard of these schemes The Trade Unions too have been paralysed by the PPP and cannot make representations to have a better and efficient business model for the procurement of goods and consumer durables.

Money laundering is the long and short of the matter. Purchasers pay in excess of thirty per cent on the remaining balance of all transactions. The PPP grants its buddies duty free concessions.

Malpractices and financial irregularities are never brought to courts. When you kill somebody or shoot them or drive drunk, you pay something under the table and you are good to go again.
The civil operatives, who protest and try to protect the moral fiber, are killed and or defrocked by mental machetes. This government good bad!     ASOMELYKAM.




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