Kirk Whalum – Fit to Battle


By EWALT AINSWORTH         04 17 2014

Lifestyle seems to be pushing the overnite and half-baked decisions to have elections almost immediately in Guyana. President Bharrat Jagdeo is addicted to eating big, tekking big, living big, getting big and shitting big. This recent fiasco now that he has gotten Ms Debbie Backer out of the way he feels that the rest of the players in the ball field are both pushers and push-overs.

The drug community has been kind to him and Jagdeo underwrites everything because he knows everyone has a price; money is no problem but now that money is getting expensive to remit, an election at this time buys survival. At least so it seems. 

Jagdeo Inc conducted his own private poll and has determined that if elections are held today the PPP will win. Last elections, Jagdeo’s hometowns in Mahaica only had 5,000 registered voters. …218 of them  voted for the PPP and not necessarily for him. Buxton gave him 14 votes and now that Linden is armed to the teeth, let us see where his strengths lie.

Those in the north stand of the arena actually feel that Jagdeo has lost his mojo and as a selfee, is toying with elections because his immunity status is in question. More so that he has been recommended for the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS for having engineered and executed the most expensive “fresh-counx deposit” in the world his inner circle, central seductive, cabinet, friends and family have all been taking a side glance and questionable look at his sanity.

Raw estimates suggest that the fresh-counx that irritated the President cost upwards of US 190,000; Somehow the Central Bank was able to raise some money but immediately afterwards the CAMBIO rates were raised. It is now two hundred and tern Guyana dollars to one US dollar.

Budget talks have been reduced to electioneering by the PPP government as a means to justify their legitimacy and even existence in these times when commonsense seems to be the hallmark of good government.


Both APNU and AFC are not ruffled in any way by Jagdeo putting himself and his lifestyle first. Both these opposition parties are comfortable in their own skin and whenever Mr. Jagdeo is ready to announce the date they are twice as willing to do battle. There is a certain assuredness in all that they do and are appalled at some of the empty and shallow decisions the PPP makes under JAGDEO.

As a matter of fact President Donald Ramotar may be on the chopping block as Home Affairs Minister and GS of the PPP Clement Rohee seems to be upfront and closer to Jagdeo than the ex-president’s lungita.

Rohee has rearranged the police force and has brought a rough neck Hicken from Region Three to head up A-DIVISION.  Cosbert, a native of the People’s Republic of Victoria, now heads the special branch and the crooked Seelall is Commissioner.

All these less than floral arrangements are designed to intimidate the electorate. (Read recent report on police actions in Albouystown).

The PPP over the last two decades in power has engineered the killing of more than 100,000 Guyanese during their productive years by inflicting blunt trauma. More Guyanese are airborne in the Caribbean daily than any other regional outfit. As a matter of fact whatever the population of QUEENS COLLEGE is that similar amount is in the air to North America.

This week the World Bank had to comment on the high cost of money transfers to the Caribbean. There was a time when families in the Diaspora could have remitted US dollars for free. The only catch is that the recipient had to be paid in towels at the official rate which hovered around   200 dollars Those days are long gone and the pushers now demand a minimum of twenty per cent to Guyana.


Sometimes the naked self and wicked lifestyle has to be put on the back burner and let wisdom; plurality and mutuality reign supreme in nations that do not have homogeneous populations. ASOMELKAM

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