Donnie McClurkin & Yolanda Adams – The Prayer


Immediately before the blog of this item, the immediate family of Ms Marjorie Johnson-Rollins announced her passing in the wee hours of Tuesday morning¸ April 8, 2014. She is a native of Hopetown, WCB and her funeralisation is being planned by a select committee here in the diaspora.

Ms Rollins was a decorated nurse supervisor and lived in New York for approximately four decades. When she came, Manhattan was allegedly Boyhattan. At passing, she was in her mid eighties and reports suggest that she was getting ready to plant spring bulbs and ready her vegetable garden when she felt some discomfort. She later succumbed with minimum medical intervention.

Over the weekend relatives and friends of Mr. Gladstone Crowther paid their last respects to this patriot and stalwart in the New York community. Mr. Crowther….a few weeks short of his 88th birthday, died from natural causes in Brooklyn. He was a staunch Brethren and like clockwork over the past four decades returned with his family every year to Guyana where he maintains a home and numerous investments.

On Thursday 10th April the immediate family will accompany his body home for the final funeralisation process in his hometown of Nabaclis on the East Coast of Demerara on Saturday April 12.

And Mr. Andrew Phillips, a former GAC mid-level manager will have two separate viewings at the LEGALL funeral home on Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn….near Rogers Avenue.

Interment will be on Thursday April 10th in Linden, New Jersey. Cause of death was not immediately known but it was shocking to most if not all.
The ongoing wakes for Andrew seem to be emblematic of a life well lived and circumstances not necessarily hoped for. His brother Roger should run for mayor in his hometown of Delaware valley based on his mobilization skills.

The weather also has not been gracious this spring but the outpouring of grief also signifies plurality.

The regulars in the diaspora mourn his sudden death and are reaching out to his immediate family with open arms and sealed envelopes. ASOMELYKAM.

Funerals are no longer about sorrow and grief and suffering but about redefining disenrollment from society. COSTCO….a big box food store in ethnic enclaves, sells coffins by prominent designers. And some malls, immediately aside the FOOTLOCKER stores have kiosks with all the latest trends and designs in caskets, urns, candles, incense et al. ASOMELYKAM.

And in Guyana a fortnight earlier CHAKA HOPE….given name JAMES HOPE was interned in Victoria. He did surpass the allotted three scores and ten and has a log book full of rhymes and recipes for humility and simplicity.

CHAKA was a known quantity and pipe fitter who almost single-handedly made the village stand pipes obsolete and running water in kitchens and baths fashionable. He was also a serviceman in the GUYANA NATIONAL SERVICE and much touted cultural and colorful cartoon in the village lore. MUCH RESPECT COMRADE.
Donnie Mc Clurkin – What is Man

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