Stop The World – The Outfit (vocals Phil ‘Bumpy’ Dino)


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             03 16 2014

One week after the disappearance of the MALAYASIAN Flight 370 should send a stern signal to the people of Guyana.
BOB MARLEY may have chanted that when the rain falls it does not fall on one man’s doorstep.  Malaysia and China…birds of a feather… and ilk may have issues with locating the airplane last Friday but in Guyana at almost the same time window, three TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS were fired for walking off their job while an approaching CAL aircraft was hovering in preparation for landing.

Initial reports suggest that the shift for the operators had come to an end and their replacements had not arrived.  Knowledgeable sources are claiming that the problem has more to do with drug trafficking rather than traffic control.  Guyana is now a basket case and for a few dollars anything can happen.

The Guyanese authorities have approved and signed off on entire swaths of arable land up Molson creek and parts of Orealla, East Berbice.  Malaysian-mafia launder their money in the district and have not tried to assimilate or integrate with the local Amerindian groups.  Everything is “runnings”.

Last week area farmers mobbed Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, who was forced to sit in for President Donald Ramotar who was originally scheduled to participate.
“Ramotar cannot believe it is not butter about the level of corruption and neglect of citizens in so many pockets of the society.
East Berbice may eventually break away and become aligned with the countries and groups that bring them tea, breakfast and dinner.  Reports this week also suggest that two ex- presidential guards were arrested for dealing in illegal stuff.
Guns have also been found lying on roadsides in Guyana and these things  do not signal a happy police contingent.

The Guyana Police is spread thin and does not have the ability to patrol the river dividing Suriname from Guyana.  As a result the Molson Creek is essentially a freeway to smuggling lumber, gold, marijuana and other stuff in exchange for consumer durables.

The SKELDON market is the HOME DEPOT for sophisticated consumer items.
When an intensive forensic surgery is done about the source of the money is done … the answer is Malaysia.



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