By Ewalt Ainsworth                             03 04 2014

Last Ash-Wednesday just out of Stations of the Cross ….church, some attending Caribbean massives questioned the ancestral roots of Guyanese Eddy Grant. There are some known knowns about Eddy.  His dad Patrick Grant better known as GOLDEN APPLE had one of the biggest used car dealerships two decades ago at Paradise on the East Coast.  And when he died a few short years ago, was taken back to Hopetown where there is a colony of Grants…loud and proud natives.  But Eddy attributes his heights to Plaisance and does an abna-babna when you question him keenly.  His creative persona permits him to be relevant and vibrant at another milestone.
The  church  folks  all knew and love his total body of  music and revere his humility,  diction, attitude, altitude and gratitude as he celebrated his 66th birthday that day.  Bob Marley is also celebrating an anniversary this time of year. 

Play Monty Alexander   – Jammin

 In the heat of the cold calls also went out for reparations and Eddy Grant was featured front and center in the argument that evolved.  The reparations proposed is not about money or a parcel of land and a mule but to reinvest in schools, drug treatment facilities, hospitals,  the arts museums etal.  Could you believe that a big country like Guyana has to send to Suriname to borrow a grand piano to facilitate a concert eh?

Guyana only reproduces six books a year and the music in the dance hall is from yesteryear. Respectfully, chutney is not music; chutney is noise and noise annoys. ASOMELKAM.

The parishioners feel that the legacy of slavery still lingers.  Recovery for blacks has been difficult and the time is now to compensate…make good on the deal.  Slavery was also exploitative and the current crops of politicians are more greedy and divisive than the colonial masters. Eddy Grant seems to have the stamina to confront and make right and should be elevated to political office because of his creative genes and delivery.

The drug dealers have the same personality traits and business model like the colonialists.  The monies earned are not repatriated to Guyana but laundered in European climes and North America.  The collateral effect is galloping poverty for many and luxury for a chosen few.

Some say that Eddy Grant should be mayor but Prime Minister seems to be a better fit.
Eddy Grant already has a medium and platform to reach neighbors and grass roots people and tell them about the advantages of cleanliness; cleanliness is next to godliness.

The PPP seems obligated to recruit from JOHN BULL, SANGAM and BROWN DERBY when the reality dictates strong technologies, communication and analytical skills.  Stress is making Guyanese and Caribbean nationals ill.  President Jagdeo is out of hospital but a recent statistic points to a disease affecting some 2,500 people with similar symptoms like Jagdeo.

The Prime Minister’s son was recently granted bail for weapons possession.  A month before the Local Government Minister was kicked to the curb for impregnating another 14 year old.  What is worse is that immediately after he was dismissed the Health Minister accepted him with open arms and open legs and made him an executive.
There is no fairness or balance in the way the PPP operates.

Venezuela is experiencing some turbulence as we speak.  Uruguay has made marijuana legal and Guyana has appointed a police commissioner who is a registered wife beater.  Guyana deserves better and should be removing actors from the stage who have a secret life.

Eddy a celebrated musician and philanthropist is a suitable candidate to pull Gt out of the hole and make it wholesome for all and sundry to prosper and grow.  ASOMELYKAM.

Happy 66th birthday comrade.






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