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As expected the US and European Law enforcement bodies left Guyana in the dark as far as that (Italian Cocaine Conspiracy) investigation went although both DEA and FBI agents have visited Guyana over the past year. Guyana’s Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee attempted to save face by saying that Guyana will cooperate in any investigation.

The Opposition Leader who has lamented the Security lapses in the country over the years said the transatlantic cocaine conspiracy is a dangerous development. He thinks there needs to be a National Master Plan to deal with the drug scourge.

US Prosecutors familiar with the Drug Underworld in Guyana have implicated cocaine shipments from the country to an International Drug Conspiracy bridging Guyana, Italy and the US. Court documents filed in both the US and Italy were unsealed over the past week and several persons were arrested recently in the US and Italy. 

The FBI and Italian Police arrested over two dozen suspects in connection with the transnational conspiracy to ship over 500 kilos of cocaine out of Guyana. The conspiracy was hatched in New York and Italy and some of the suspects are connected to a Mafia type entity there.

The operation named New Bridge details a drug conspiracy that not only has mafia connections but involves at least one Chinese Alexander Chan with ties to mainland China and Taiwan, construction in Guyana and elsewhere. Another man known as Dominic Ali was charged in the conspiracy and money laundering operations. The Court documents link Pineapple and Coconut Milk Cocaine Shipments discovered in Malaysia over a year ago, to the Italian New Bridge Conspiracy. The court documents reveal that Mexican Drug Cartel operatives were facilitating the movements out of Guyana. The Feds have been tracking persons close to the drug trade who have been frequenting European and other capitals in the last two years. Investigators estimate the street value of the cocaine would be about one billion US dollars

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