BY EWALT AINSWORTH                                                     02 12 2014

Colwyn Harding

Colwyn Harding

Mosquito control operatives in Guyana are the least frequently abused and busted column of uniformed squadrons.    Gas station attendants come second and taxi drivers run third in the top ten jobs and the least likely to commit a crime/felony.   Police in Guyana are a dismal failure and more of them are recruited  from rural and  Amerindian communities and twice as many return to smuggle, hold up, terrorize, assault, plunder, pirate, rape and essentially gangster their charges.

Mafia-like rub-outs and drug operations proliferate and police are hemmed in and take lead hand roles in some of the local and international operations.  The politicians cannot believe it is not butter; now they begging for help when it is too much to tarry and too late to query. 


There was a time…a long long, long time ago when you wanted to be somebody you became a priest or politician or police…in that order.  Perhaps the reverse is now true;  if you want to be a beast try  being a priest or politician or police.

Policemen and women fall at the bottom of the pit. Police, 90 days ago, burst up a youthman shit-bag. Rupture his intestines and leave him on the door step of deep-seated poverty…helpless, holeless and destitute.   Teachers do a little better than bankers but it is a photo finish between  and among police and  politicians for the worst reputation in Guyana.     And if each time a police takes a bribe or stages a robbery or rape yuh lil boy child and is fired as a disciplinary measure, by next valentine or Mashramani, Guyana would have to recruit in the prisons.  Another P  ASOMELYKAM

Corentyne is in shambles; Linden in shambles and Leonora is a total mess.  We reserve comment for A-DIVISION.
The police look and smell like the city; citizens revere the mosquito control man more than the officer on the beat.  One can only surmise that if statements had to be written for each mosquito killed competition would have been stronger.

Try and wrap your head around this atrocity in GT.  A young man from North Timehri, 90 days ago, is brought into the area precinct for questioning.  The five officers on duty grab a baton and deliberately attach a double condom and shove it up the ass of the perceived innocent man as part of the strategy to extract a confession.

Since this incident several concerned groups have been trying to raise funds for the subject who is from extremely poor social and economic circumstances.  The average cost of a colostomy bag is about US 15.00.  This client… Mr Colwyn  Harding sometimes has to wash and recycle the bags;

Sometimes the cover-up is worse than the crime.  The Commissioner of Police Leroy Brummel no longer has the guts to stand up for what is right as a principled leader; his principals have bamboozled him servitude.


The police force has an additional layer of a 12 person management team.  There is also the Army and the Joint Services that micro-manages the force.  ROCKO or SKIP must be having a good laugh and singing the TAMS each nite and every day.

The mosquito control agency has better equipment, better attitude, better response time, better attendance, better trained, un-corruptible and a better skill set to deal with people. The animal control unit also has a better rating than the police.

This poverty-stricken scum-bag organization has nothing to do with pay; it is everything about morality and due diligence.  The pre-ROHEE force used to be a generational thing but now is a bugger thing and chutney thing.  Hence condomising and plunging a baton into the ass of a young man whose only crime is being a reflection of the socio-economic condition of the society.  ASOMELYKAM.


Police Brutality in Guyana

devin singh tortured, raped & assaulted colwyn harding, kicked pregnant woman in stomach – witness statements


Mighty Smoker  – Guyana Mashramani 1976

Crazy   – Two out of three chutney

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